William Hauser Headshot

William B. Hauser

  • Professor Emeritus of History

PhD, Yale University, 1969


Research Interests

My research interests are both early modern and modern Japanese history. I taught courses on Asian Women's History, Modern Japan, the Asian American Experience, and Traditional Japanese Society.

Selected Publication Covers

  • "Textiles and Trade in Tokugawa Japan," in Textiles: Production, Trade and Demand, Maureen Fennell Mazzaoui, ed. Vol. 12 of An Expanding World, Ashgate, (1998).
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  • "Osaka Castle and the Extension of Tokugawa Bakufu Authority to Western Japan," J. Mass and W.B. Hauser, eds., The Bakufu in Japanese History (1985) paperback reprint (1993). 
  • "Fires on the Plain: The Human Costs of the Pacific War" in Arthur Noletti and David Desser, ed., Reframing Japanese Cinema (1992). 
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