Alyssa Rodriguez Headshot

Alyssa A Rodriguez

PhD, 2023
Advisor: Matthew Lenoe

Major Fields: Russian and Soviet History, 1864-1989; Comparative Socialism
Minor Fields: Pre-Modern Europe: Mesopotamia to Columbus; Modern Europe: French Revolution to 1989

Research Interests

Legality and law within the Soviet long 1970s (the Brezhnev era from 1968-1984) Also interested in the individual in the Soviet Union, individuality, and identity, and how people publicly discussed identity.


Hot to be Soviet: The Performance of the Soviet Self via the Legal System, 1968-1985


BA History, University of the Pacific, 2017
MA History. University of Rochester, 2018

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • HIST 198:  Daily Life in Socialist Countries, Syllabus


  • Before coming to the University of Rochester I aattended undergrad at the University of the Pacific from 2013-2017
  • I hope to work as a pprofessor, also considering working in a museum
  • What I like best about Rochester is the nice people- very helpful. I like the snow and atmosphere. The library is amazing.