Peer Advisors

Our current peer advisors are all chemistry majors in their senior year and have gone through training with the College Center for Advising Services, and also work with the chemistry Undergraduate Studies Committee.

They can help students with:

  • Declaring a major
  • Making connections with faculty
  • Reviewing research opportunities
  • Exploring study abroad options
  • Investigating independent and interdisciplinary study options

If they can't answer your question, they are happy to point you in the right direction!


Chemistry Peer Advisors,  2022-2023

gendrich_elise.jpgElise Gendrich

Major: Chemistry (BA)
Research Experience: I do electrochemistry and photochemistry in the Bren Group; specifically, I do nitrate/nitrite reduction using an iron-containing small molecule catalyst
Activities: Workshop leader for CHEM 203 and 132, member of Hillel, Off Broadway On Campus (OBOC), and The Opposite of People (TOOP), secretary of Undergraduate Chemistry Society (UCS)

kropiwnick_aidan.jpgAidan Kropiwnick

Major: Chemistry (BS) & Environmental Science (BA)
Research Experience: I’ve been working on expanding the methodology for palladium catalysis with Dr. Paradine in her lab since the beginning of last Summer (so just over one year!) and plan to continue this research all through my senior year. I’m majoring in environmental science as well as chemistry, but haven’t pursued any research in that field
Activities: I’m a member of the Track & Field team here at Rochester, and I lifeguard at the GAC on weekends


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