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Undergraduate Award Descriptions and Recipients

Dr. E.W. and Maude V. Flagg Award

Established in 1982 as an endowed fund by Dr. John J. Flagg ('36), this award recognizes outstanding performance and promise in chemistry by a graduating senior.  The recipient is selected by a faculty committee appointed by the chair of the Department of Chemistry.  The award consists of a cash prize.


2021:  Dalton Hanaway
Paul Sinclair
2019:  Patrick Forrestel
2018:  Hayden Carder
  Lauren Bolz 
  Matthew Carbone  
Dylan Abrams
2014:  Louis Papa 
2013:  Micah Brown
2012:  Mark Levin
2011:  David Weinberg
2010:  Randy Mehlenbacher
2009:  Colleen Kellenberger
2008:  Kathryn Knowles
2007:  Sara Rupich
2006:  Laura Fornarola

John McCreary Memorial Prize

The John McCreary Memorial Fund was established in 1985 in tribute to the high academic and scientific standards and the personal dedication of John James McCreary.  McCreary received his bachelor of science degree in chemistry with high distinction from the University of Rochester in 1975.  John's career maintained its exemplary character until his untimely death in 1983.  The award, given to an outstanding senior undergraduate student, consists of a cash prize.


2021:  Jacob Schmidt, Justine Drappeau
Andrew Sopchak
2019:  Ian Brodka
2018:  Merjema Purak
Gavin Piester
Rachel Kasimer
Nicholas Hill 
2014:  Michael Robo 
2013:  Nathaniel Brown, Jr. 
2012:  David Kaphan
2011:  Caitlyn Rose Kennedy
2010:  Colin Kinz-Thompson
2009:  Rebecca Murphy
2008:  Anastasia Ovchinnikov
2007:  Kenneth Lotito
2006:  Susan Zultanski

Chemistry Department Award

The Chemistry Department Award is given to seniors in recognition of outstanding scholarship in the study of chemistry.  The award consists of a cash prize.


2021:  Noelle Peluso, Timur Cinay, Hannah Roberts, Jade Johnson
Yimin Talia Chen, Jana Jelušić, Chanbin Lee, Julian Maceren, Michela Maiola, Paul Sinclair
2019:  Andrew Lee, Ben Lerner, Robert Love, Robert Scappaticci, Cullen Walsh
2018:  Alyssa Flaschner, Yashika Sharma, Colleen Arnold, Michael Gannon
Joshua McGough, Fulei Peng
Dylan Gaeta, Richard Porter Ladley, Christopher Melnychuk
Danielle Barnett, Qi Ying Li, Zi Rou Liew, Clayton Stumpf, Nan Yang
2014:  Joshua Geiger, Zachariah Hale, Gregory McKay, Rachel Hee Young Park, Philip Sutera
2013:  Joshua Bielemeier, Alison Hamlin, Benjamin Hyers, Nicholas Jacob, Rachel Keleman, Zachary Pressman 
2012:  Matthew DeMars, Emily Hart, Katherine Keiger, Emily Redman, Peter Richter
2011:  Paul Alperin, Andrew Kim, Xi Li, Christopher Wong
2010:  John Foote, Julie Tabroff, Alexander Sokolsky
2009:  Neal Weisbrod, Brian Palmisano, Ayesha Khan, Matthew Marriman
2008:  Henry Schwartz, Samantha Falk, Amanda Mack, Salvador Pena
2006:  James Bridgeman, Nathaniel Speer

American Chemical Society (ACS) Rochester Award

This award is given to a senior with an outstanding academic record and consists of a cash prize, recognition during the ACS Annual Rochester Section Undergraduate Research Symposium, and the inclusion of the awardee's name on a plaque displayed in the department.


2021:  Alfons Pineda-Knauseder
2020:  Paul Sinclair
Allison Stanko
Rachel Clune
Paul Wrona
Sarah Pristash
Kevin McClelland 
2014:  Peter Krasniak 
2013:  Joseph Colaruotolo 
2012:  Jonathan Raybin
2011:  Alexander Federation
2010:  Matthew Golder
2009:  Allison Hulchanski
2008:  Julia Silviera
2007:  Michael McCoy
2006:  Pamela Barrett

American Chemical Society (ACS) Inorganic Chemistry Award

This award is given to a student who is selected by the faculty on the basis of outstanding academic achievement in inorganic chemistry.  The award consists of a cash prize and listing on the ACS website.


2021:  Sarah Craig
Michela Maiola
Garrett Hoteling
Alex Callahan
  Norman Zhao 
Fulei Peng
Lauren Weber 
2014:  James Shanahan 
2013:  Luxi Shen 
2012:  Benjamin Snyder
2011:  Mark Levin (Junior)
2010:  Brian Lindley
2009:  Anrew Kim

American Chemical Society (ACS) Organic Chemistry Award

This award is given to a student who is selected by the faculty on the basis of outstanding academic achievement in organic chemistry.  The award consists of a cash prize and listing on the ACS website.


2021:  Yeonseong (Catherine) Seo
Jisoo Woo
2019:  Allison Stanko
Chen Chen
  Yifei Liang
Christine Ziegler
Zhijie Wu 
2014:  Ryan Ribson 
2013:  Jared Nesvet

American Chemical Society (ACS) Analytical Chemistry Award

This award is intended to encourage student interest in analytical chemistry and to recognize students who display an aptitude for a career in the field.  The award consists of a personalized certificate and souvenir item from ACS, as well as a cash prize and certificate from the department.


2021:  Jacob Schmidt
Chanbin Lee
Chitavi Maulloo

American Chemical Society (ACS) Physical Chemistry Award

This award is intended to encourage student interest in physical chemistry and to recognize students who display an aptitude for a career in the field.  The award consists of a personalized certificate and souvenir item from ACS, as well as a cash prize and certificate from the department.


2021:  Matt DeLorenzo
Jana Jelušić
Zhihao Wu
Yongli Lu
Austin Bailey

Merck Index Award

The Merck Index Award is given to a senior in recognition of outstanding intellectual accomplishment, including completion of a senior research project.  The award consists of a cash prize and a copy of The Merck Index.


2012:  Rebecca Levin 
2011:  Jacqueline Zaengle
2010:  Alissa Kamens
2009:  Ferdous Zannat

Carl A. Whiteman, Jr. Teaching Award

This award recognizes exemplary teaching by an undergraduate student in the Department of Chemistry.  Carl Whiteman graduated from the University of Rochester in 1950 (BS, Physics) and worked continuously in the department until his retirement in 1986.  His enthusiasm and dedication to laboratory teaching made him a legendary figure among undergraduate chemistry majors.  Whiteman continued his association with the department until his death in 2007.  This honor recognizes his teaching experience, as well as that of the recipients.  The award consists of a cash prize.


2021:  Noelle Peluso, Sarah Craig
2020:  Yimin Talia Chen, Jana Jelušić, Chanbin Lee, Julian Maceren, Michela Maiola, Paul Sinclair
2019: Marco Caiola, Ryan Fanning, Ben Lerner, Ryan Newbauer, Robert Scappaticci, Allison Stanko, Cullen Walsh, Zhihao Wu
2018:  Hayden Carder, Rachel Clune, Michael Gannon, Merjema Purak, Dominic Sarappa
Austin Bailey, Lauren Bolz, Jessica Freeze, James Kostka, Paul Wrona 
Dylan Gaeta, Sarah Pristash, Richard Porter Ladley
Dylan Abrams, Danielle Barnett, Matthew Carbone, Leti Nunez
Peter Krasniak, Louis Papa, Ryan Ribson, James Shanahan
2013:  Nathaniel Brown, Jr., Benjamin Hyers
2012:  Faye Gura, Mark Levin, Jonathan Raybin, Emily Redman, Peter Richter
2011:  Caitlyn Rose Kennedy
2010:  David Shadsey, Brian Lindley, Julie Tabroff
2009:  Kyle Bullicz, Ananya Ray
2008:  Ryan Daly, Colin Kinz-Thompson
2007:  Michael McCoy, Sara Rupich, Neal Weisbrod
2006:  James Bridgeman, Shephanie Chiu, Lindsay Fox

CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award for Senior

This award is given to a student who is selected by the faculty on the basis of outstanding accomplishment in chemistry.  This award consists of a cash prize and a CRC Handbook.


2013:  Yick Chong Lam

Junior Scholar Award for Juniors

This award recognizes undergraduate students who in their junior year showed outstanding accomplishment and promise for a professional career in chemistry.  The award consists of a certificate of recognition and a cash prize. The recipients are announced at the Chemistry Awards Get-Together in the fall semester.


2020: Justine Drappeau, Dalton Hanaway, Caleb Prus, Joshua Rosario, Jacob Schmidt & Zhiwei (William) Wang
Yimin (Talia) Chen, Jana Jelusic, Julian Maceren, Michela Maiola, Paul Sinclair, Andrew Sopchak, Jisoo Woo 
Ian Brodka, Marco Caiola, Patrick Forrestel, Andrew Lee, Nicholas Lim, Robert Scappaticci, Allison Stanko
  Alex Callahan, Hayden Carder, Chen Chen, Rachel Clune, Alyssa Flaschner, Yongli Lu, Merjema Purak
2016:  Lauren Bolz, Yifei Liang, Gavin Piester, Paul Wrona, Norman Zhao
2015:  Matt Carbone, Dylan Gaeta, Rachel Kasimer, Richard Porter Ladley, Fulei Peng, Sarah Pristash, Christine Ziegler
2014:  Dylan Abrams, Nicholas Hill, Qi Ying (Queenie) Li, Chitavi Maulloo, Kevin McClelland, Zhijie Wu
2013:  Zachariah Hale, Peter Krasniak, Louis Papa, Ryan Ribson, Michael Robo, James Shanahan, Philip Sutera
2012:  Micah Brown, Jr., Benjamin Hyers, Jared Nesvet, Gregory McKay
2011:  Mark Levin, David Kaphan
2010:  Paul Alperin, Caitlyn Rose Kennedy
2009:  Colin Kinz-Thompson, Randy Mehlenbacher
2008:  Colleen Kellenberger
2007:  Samantha Falk, Kathryn Knowles, Amanda Mack, Salvador Pena
2006:  Jeffrey Hsu, Sara Rupich

Distinguished Service Award

This award was created by the Department of Chemistry to honor the recipient's outstanding effort and contributions on behalf of the chemistry department.  This award consists of a cash prize.


2013:  Breanna Eng
2009:  John Bertola, Neal Weisbrod

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College Award Descriptions and Recipients

Janet Howell Clark Prize

The Janet Howell Clark Prize is awarded annually to the senior woman who has shown the greatest promise in creative work in either astronomy, biology, chemistry, or physics, and who has shown outstanding versatility in the mastery of allied fields.  Selection is based on recommendations by the respective departments, which are evaluated by a committee appointed by the Dean of the College.  The award consists of a cash prize and recognition at a special senior ceremony the Saturday of Commencement.


2021:  Yeongseong (Catherine) Seo, Evelyn Matei
2020:  Yimin Talia Chen
Allison Stanko
Rachel Clune, Merjema Purak
Yifei Liang
2016: Rachel Kasimer
Chitavi Maulloo 
2014:  Rachel Hee Young Park 
2013:  Alison Hamlin
2012:  Emily Redman
2011:  Caitlyn Rose Kennedy
2010:  Julie Tabroff

Catherine Block Memorial Fund Prize

The Catherine Block Memorial Fund Prize, established in memory of Catherine Block, an exceptional chemistry student here at the University, is awarded each year to a woman in the junior class in recognition of her outstanding ability and achievement in the field of science.  Selection is based on recommendations by the respective departments, which are evaluated by a committee appointed by the Dean of the College.  The award consists of a cash prize.  The recipient will be recognized at the Chemistry Fall Awards Ceremony at the first departmental get-together of the fall semester.


2021:  Kaelyn McFarlane-Connelly
Sarah Craig
Yimin (Talia) Chen
Allison Stanko
Rachel Clune, Merjema Purak
Lauren Bolz
Rachel Kasimer, Christine Ziegler
2014:  Chitavi Maulloo
2013:  Rachel Hee Young Park
2011:  Emily Redman
2010:  Caitlyn rose Kennedy
2009:  Julie Tabroff

Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student

The Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student is given to an exceptional teaching assistant and is selected in a University-wide competition.  The nomination is comprised of letters of support from the chair, faculty, and students.  The recipients receive a cash award.


2019: Lauren VanGelder
2015:  Brian Sheldon
2013:  Kimberly Manbeck
2012:  Kyle Biegasiewicz 
2011:  John Frost
2010:  Meghan Clark
2009:  Wesley Asher
2008:  Gerald Manbeck
2007:  Sarah Bowman
2006:  Lisa Carlson, Amy Ensign

Presidential Award for Community Service

The Presidential Award for Community Service was established by the Dean of Students in 1990 to recognize University students who are committed to community service.  Given to a senior for outstanding participation and leadership in service to the community beyond the campus, this award recognizes a student who has worked selflessly and effectively in addressing social causes.  Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, improving literacy, reducing hunger and hopelessness, providing legal or medical assistance to the needy, and serving as a mentor.  The award consists of a cash prize.


2012:  Emily Hart

Ayman Amin-Salem Memorial Prize

Awarded to the member of the senior class who best evidences the qualities of good character and good citizenship, such as decency, reliability, responsibility and congeniality.  Preference may be given to students who also have an interest in biology or the biological sciences, art, writing or athletics.


2020:  Julian Maceren
Christine Ziegler
Matthew Golder
2009:  Colleen Kellenberger


Irene Bush Steinbock Award

The award was established by Irene Bush Steinbock "in memory of the late Dean Annette Gardner Munro, whose kindness and graciousness was a great inspiration to me during my years of study at the University of Rochester." This award is given to a senior in the School of Arts and Sciences who has made the most noteworthy contribution to human relations.   Selection is based on recommendations which are evaluated by a committee appointed by the Dean of the College.   The award consists of a cash prize and recognition at a special senior ceremony the Saturday of Commencement.


2019:  Nicholas Lim
Lauren Bolz, Gavin Piester


John R. Slater Memorial Prize

The John R. Slater memorial Prize is awarded to a member of the senior class who has shown the most competence in the use of the English language, as exemplified by excellence in composition, public speaking, in work on University publications, in participation in student government, or otherwise.


2021: Caleb Prus 


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Graduate Award & Fellowship Descriptions and Recipients

W.D. Walters Teaching Award

The W.D. Walters Teaching Award recognizes outstanding undergraduate teaching by graduate teaching assistants.  This award memorializes the late Professor W.D. Walters and the standards of excellence and achievement exemplified by him.  It also recognizes our appreciation for the commitment and achievements of the awardees and consists of a cash prize.  Recipients are recognized at the Chemistry Awards Get-Together the fall semester.


2020:  Melissa Koch, Eric Schreiber, Francine Yanchik
2019:  Brittany Abraham, David Brewster, Albert Nam, Elena Quigley
2018:  Georgios Alachouzos, Emily Edwards, Andrew Kauffman, Trevor Tumiel, David Vargas 
Shukree Abdul-Rashed, Jordan Andrews, Sutirtha Chowdhury, Dylan Parsons, Antonio Tinoco, Nikki Wolford 
2016:  Amanda Spiewak, Lauren VanGelder, Justin Niziol
Rebeckah Johnson Burke, Rachel Carey, Abigail Freyer, Analuz Mark, Kyle Rugg
2014:  Keith Hilferding, Kierra Huihui, Brian Sheldon, Peter Thayer
2013:  Adam Feinberg, Jeffrey Kehl, Jared Kneebone, Gilbert Reynders, James Virnelli
2012:  Nick Arnett, Jill Caputo, Stephanie Daifuku, Stephanie Dorn 
2011:  Laura Ackerman, Kyle Biegasiewicz, Benjamin Hmiel, Kimberly Manbeck, Shaun Shahan
2010:  Sarina Bellows, Daniel Everson, John Frost, Chris Favaro, Erin Knappen, Michael Prinsell, William Spencer
2009:  John DiMaio, Todd Doran, James Morris
2008:  Wesley Asher, Megan Clark, Nicholas Hammond, Ruja Shrestha, Tulaza Vaidya
2007:  Matthew Betush, Karen Chiang, Ryan Cowley, Christopher Evans, Courtney Fantauzzo, Gerald Manbeck, Jason Tubbs
2006:  Sarah Bowman, Tawana Robinson, Julie Smyder

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award was established at the request of an alumnus who wanted to recognize excellence in research, leadership, and service by a senior graduate student.  Winners will show not only a passion for learning and a steadfast diligence in the research lab, but also a dedication to teaching and mentoring, and a commitment to helping his/her community.  The award consists of a medal, a cash prize and the winner's name on a plaque to be placed in the Chemistry Department Office.  Recipients are recognized at the Chemistry Awards Get-Together the fall semester.


2021:  Karla Rosalia Sanchez Lievanos, David Vargas
Brittany Abraham
Brittany Petel, Antonio Tinoco Valencia
Lauren VanGelder
Abigail Freyer
Valerie Fleischauer

Robert and Marian Flaherty DeRight Fellowship

Dr. and Mrs. DeRight received their bachelor’s degrees from the University of Rochester in 1931, in chemistry and romance languages, respectively.  Dr. DeRight continued his studies at the University to earn a master of science in Physical Chemistry in 1932 as well as his PhD in 1935 in Physical Chemistry with subordinate subjects in Mathematics and Physics.  He was a valued member of the American Chemical Society, and both he and his wife were active in alumni affairs at the University of Rochester.  This fellowship was established in 1984 by Mrs. DeRight as a memorial to her husband.  It provides a graduate fellowship in the Department of Chemistry for a term of one year.


2021-2022:  Emily Edwards, Alex Fertig, Melissa Jagrosse, Jakub Vaith
Jose Alvarez-Hernandez, Joshua DeMuth, Albert Nam
Jose Alvarez-Hernandez, Leopoldo Mejía Restrepo
Dylan Parsons, Jianbo Zhao
Saikat Chakraborty, John McAnay, Kyle Rugg, Jianbo Zhao
Leah Frenette, Miles Marnell, Danielle Raymond, Jennifer Urban
Malik Al-Afyouni, Andrew Kauffmann
2013-2014:  Joshus Kolev, Tian Jiang, Wathsala G.H.M. Liyanage
2012-2013:  Jonathan Chen, Peter Carlsen
2011-2012:  Jonathan Chen, Eric Henry, Salvatore Priore
2010-2011:  Wesley Asher, Karen Chiang, Pu Luo
2009-2010:  Karen Chiang, Meghan Evans, Jerry Manbeck
2008-2009:  John Miller, Walter Moss, Michael Quinian
2007-2008:  Mary Lenczewski, Robert Spitale
2006-2007:  Lisa Carlson, James Hart
2005-2006:  Daniel Canterbury, Yuchen Tang

Elon Huntington Hooker Fellowship

The Elon Huntington Hooker Fellowships are awarded from a gift from Mrs. Elon Huntington Hooker in memory of her husband, Elon H. Hooker, a graduate and, for many years, a trustee of the University.  These fellowships are awarded in various fields of science, especially chemistry.


2022-2023:  Maria Camila Aguilera-Cuenca, Bufan Zhang, Jakub Vaith
Brittney Petel, Arkajit Mandal, Jeffrey Sears, Nikki Wolford
2018-2019:  Georgios Alachouzos, Rebeckah Burke, Theresa Iannuzzi, Cody Fagan, Eric Moore, Jianbo Zhao
Hanan Alwaseem, Stephanie Carpenter, Valerie Fleischauer, Kyle Rugg, Jing Yuwen
Leah Frenett, Kierra Huihui, Jared Kneebone, Andrew Owens, Jade Welch
Amanda Amori, Adam Feinberg, Andrew Kauffmann, Andrew Owens
 Laura Ackerman, Stephanie Daifuku, Banu Kandemir, Joshua Kolev, Yang Zhao
2013-2014:  Peter Carlsen, Nicole Cogan, John Frost, Yunzhe Jiao, Doug Tusch
2012-2013:  Zhiji Han, Eric Henry, Salvatore Priore, Jessica Smith
2011-2012:  Wesley Asher, Ruja Shrestha
2010-2011:  Ryan Cowley, Meghan Evans, Tulaza Valdya
2009-2010:  Tom Dugan, Chris Evans, Ting Li
2008-2009:  Sarah Bowman, Amy Ensign, Robert Spitale
2007-2008:  Lisa Carlson, Pingwu Du
2006-2007:  Tingjuan Gao, Kathryn Leach, Venkatesan Srinivasan

Arnold Weissberger Fellowship

The purpose of the Weissberger Fellowship in Chemistry is to reward and encourage outstanding promise for productive scientific careers by advanced PhD students.  Each Fellow receives a substantial supplement for basic support and funds to travel to a major scientific meeting to report the results of his or her research.  The fellowship is awarded on the basis of outstanding research achievement and potential for continued growth, ideals which Arnold Weissberger exemplified during his lifetime and which he recognized and encouraged in others.


2021-2022:  John Bennett, Xinxian Chen, Aleksa Milosavljevic, Abhijith Saseendran, Vishal Tiwari
Yu Gu, Jackson Hernandez, Eric Schreiber, Jakub Vaith
2018-2019:  Sutirtha Chowdhury, Joshua DeMuth, Alex Fertig, Connor Holt, Jacob Iannuzzelli
George Alachouzos, Rebeckah Burke, Sutirtha Chowdhury, Yixing Guo, Andrew Owens, Jade Welch
George Alachouzos, Somjit Bhar, Valerie Fleischauer, Abigail Freyer, Yixing Guo, Theresa Iannuzzi, Andrew Kauffmann, Jennifer Le, Dylan Parsons, Brittney Petel, Antonio Tinoco
Jill Caputo, Banu Kandemir, Jared Kneebone, Lloyd Munjanja, Yang Zhao
Lukiana Anka-Lufford, Stephanie Dorn, Adam Feinberg, Jared Kneebone, Gregory Pilgrim
2013-2014:  Kyle Biegasiewicz, Yekaterina Lyubarskaya, Alexander Wotal
2012-2013:  Joshua Brooks, John Frost, Yunzhe Jiao, Yekaterina Lyubarskaya, Michael Prinsell, William Spencer, Alexander Wotal
2011-2012:  Joshua Brooks, John DiMaio, Jesse Kleingardner, Michael Prinsell, William Spencer 
2010-2011:  Charles Bowerman, Tod Doran, Tom Dugan
2009-2010:  Walter Moss, Michael Quinian
2008-2009:  Abdallah Bitar, Pingwu Du, Chao Jiang
2007-2008:  Ling Li, Jacob Schneider, Yan Zhang
2006-2007:  Amy Ensign, John Marlona, Yanqun Zhang
2005-2006:  Venkatesan Srinivasan, Ying Yu

Moses Passer Fellowship

This endowed fellowship fund was established by Mrs. Dorothy Rosenberg-Passer in 2009 in memory of her husband, Dr. Moses Passer, who received his bachelor of science degree in chemistry from the University of Rochester in 1945 and his doctorate in organic chemistry from Cornell in 1948.  After a distinguished career as professor of chemistry at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Dr. Passer became an executive at the American Chemical Society in Washington, DC, and served as director of education at the ACS for more than two decades.


2021-2022:  Aleksa Radovic
Emily Edwards
2018-2019:  Andrew Bortz
Jennifer Le
Miles Wilklow-Marnell, Lifeng Xiao 
Kyle Rugg
Kyle Biegasiewicz, Douglas Tusch
2013-2014:  David Condon
2012-2013:  John DiMaio
2011-2012:  Tulaza Vaidya
2010-2011:  Gerald Manbeck
2007-2008:  James Hart, Kathryn Leach
2006-2007:  James Hart, Kathryn Leach, Jeffrey Peterson
2005-2006:  James Hart, Jeffrey Peterson, Kathryn Seifert

Samuel A. and Ellen F. Lattimore Fellowship

This endowed fellowship honors Professor Samuel A. Lattimore and his wife, benefactors of the University of Rochester from its earliest days.  The fellowship was established by a gift from the estate of Eleanor Larrebee Lattimore.  Professor Lattimore was associated with the University of Rochester for more than 40 years and began his career at Rochester teaching chemistry, being his chief concern, but also geology, zoology, and physics.  He was chair of the Department of Chemistry from 1867-1908.  The fellowship is designed to support outstanding graduate students in the Department of Chemistry and gives special consideration to women applicants.


2021-2022:  Shilpa Bhatia, Dasha Rodina, Bufan Zhang
Maria Camila Aguilera-Cuenca, Melissa Jagrosse, Karla Rosalia Sanchez Lievanos
2018-2019:  Emily Edwards, Karla Sanchez
2017-2018:  Abigail Freyer, Theresa Iannuzzi, Brittney Petel, Victoria Charlotte Steck
Amanda Amori, Rebeckah Burke, Stephanie Carpenter, Danielle Raymond, Jennifer Urban, Jing Yuwen
Rebeckah Burke, Rachel Carey, Stephanie Carpenter, Valerie Fleischauer, Abigail Freyer, Theresa Iannuzzi
Rachel Carey, Valerie Fleischauer, Abigail Greyer, Tessa Woodruff, Jing Yuwen
2013-2014:  Amanda Amori, Stephanie Daifuku, Banu Kandemir, Kathlyn Fillman, Danielle Raymond, Dan Wu
2012-2013:  Nicole Briglio, Wathsala G.H.M. Liyanage, Ria Swanekamp
2011-2012:  Jennifer Ciesielski, Meghan Rodriguez
2010-2011:  Jennifer Ciesielski, Meghan Rodriguez, Ruja Shrestha
2009-2010:  Jennifer Ciesielski, Meghan Clark, Erin Knappen, Ruja Shrestha
2008-2009:  Ruja Shrestha, Tulaza Vaidya
2007-2008:  Ting Li, Sarah Bowman, Meghan Evans
2006-2007:  Ting Li, Ildiko Meracz, Ying Yu
2005-2006:  Sara Rocks, Yan Zhang

Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Fellowship

The Sproull Fellowship is a prestigious award given by the University of Rochester to twelve incoming doctoral degree students.  This 3-year fellowship honors Robert L. Sproull, a distinguished physicist and the University's seventh president, and reflects his commitment to intellectual excellence.  The fellowship candidates are nominated by their PhD programs and evaluated by a committee of faculty members.  The final selection is made by the University Dean of Graduate Studies.


2017-2020:  Brittany Abraham
Jesse Stroka
2013-2016:  Jennifer Urban

Agnes M. and George Messersmith Fellowship

The Agnes M. and George Messersmith Fellowship was established in 1965 and supports scholarships for graduate students in physics, chemistry, biology, and preclinical departments of the School of Medicine and Dentistry.


2022-2023:  Eric Schreiber
Georgios Alachouzo
Stephanie Daifuku
Zhiji Han
2010-2011:  Chris Evans
2009-2010:  Sarah Bowman
2008-2009:  Lisa Carlson
2006-2007:  Jeffrey Peterson

Sherman - Clarke Fellowship

The Sherman-Clarke Fellowship is a merit fellowship awarded to graduate levels students based on coursework and Teaching Assistant performance.


2021-2022:  Medina Afandiyeva, Natalia Cajiao, Ignacio Camarero, Magali Gimeno, Ignacio Gustin, Aurodeep Panda
Aleksa Milosavljevic, Alison Salamatian, Xinxian Chen, and Shilpa Bhatia
Aleksa Radovic, Jakub Vaith
2017-2018:  Jose Alvarez-Hernandez, Jordan Andrews, Andrew Bortz, Emily Edwards, Maitrayee Ghosh, Connor Holt, Jacob Iannuzzelli, Arkajit Mandal, Leopoldo Mejia Restrepo, Trevor Tumiel, Liwei Wang, Nikki Jo Wolford
Shukree Abdul-Rashed, Daniel Bassler, Viktoria Steck
2015-2016:  George Alachouzos, Ningyu Liu, Rachel Meyer, Eric Moore, Andrew Owens, Dylan Parsons, Jeff Sears, Amanda Spiewak, Lauren VanGelder, Jade Welch
2005-2006:  Sara Rocks, Yan Zhang


Esther M. Conwell Graduate Fellowship

Dr. Conwell, a former faculty member of the Rochester Chemistry Department, first came to the University of Rochester in 1942 to pursue a Ph.D. in physics. She was a pioneering scientist who is most famous for her studies of the properties of semiconductors and organic conductors.  Among her many honors, Dr. Conwell received the National Medal of Honor in 2010 for "her broad contributions to understanding electron and hole transport in semiconducting materials, which helped to enable commercial applications of semiconductor and organic electronic devices, and for extending her analysis to studying the electronic properties of DNA."  The Conwell fellowship is intended to honor the contributions of graduate students in physical chemistry who have excelled in their graduate careers.


2021:  Geemi Wellawatte
  Alex Fertig, Arkajit Mandal
2019: Jacob Shelton


Elliot and Laura Richman Fellowship

The Richman Fellowship was established to honor excellence among graduate level chemistry students at the University of Rochester.


2021:  Kaitlyn Houghtling
Jacob Shelton

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