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Staff by Classification

Administrative Staff

Name and PositionContact

Clark, Robin

  • Graduate Coordinator & Course Administrator

Contestabile, Deborah

  • Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Program & Development Office

Dolan, Donna J.

  • Department Receptionist and Purchaser

Eagan, Gina

  • Administrative Assistant for the Materials Science Program

McGarry, Lynda

  • Development Administrator & Alumni Relations

Simolo, Ken

  • Assistant Chair for Administration

Snaith, Barbara

  • Administrative Assistant to the Chair

Sucy-Caffery, Evelyn

  • Secretary to Faculty
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Business Staff

Name and PositionContact

Boyle, Linda

  • Accounting Bookkeeper

Kuitems, Anna

  • Staff Accountant

Wheeler, Doris

  • Business Office Manager and Senior Accountant
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Editorial Staff

Name and PositionContact

Drake, Valerie

  • Editorial Assistant (J. Am. Chem. Soc.)
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Name and PositionContact

Toder, Bruce

  • Instructor
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Research Scientists

Name and PositionContact

Marchetti, Al

  • Senior Scientist

Savage, Dennis

  • Scientist

Vitali, Francesca

  • Research Scientist

Young, Ralph

  • Senior Scientist
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Technical Staff

Name and PositionContact

Baker, Tessa

  • NMR/Safety

Brennessel, William

  • X-ray Crystallographer & Scientist

Hickey, Joseph

  • Technical Associate

Liberatore, Paul

  • Stockroom Manager & Staff Accountant

Lobenstine, Eric

  • Manager of Computers and Network

O'Connell, Terry

  • Manager of Technical Staff and Instrumentation

Serrino, Pete

  • Senior Lab Engineer

Shojaie, Jalil

  • Senior Lab Engineer/Chemist

Teng, Ray

  • Research/Facilities Coordinator

York, Elly

  • Technical Associate
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