Five-Year MS Program

The Department of Chemistry offers a special research-based master’s degree program, available only to University of Rochester undergraduates. In this program students can complete their MS degree one year beyond the BS program by taking advantage of the intensive curriculum in the BS program and by integrating BS and MS research.

Students in this program typically enroll in five graduate chemistry courses during their fourth and fifth years of study. A research program is started in the fourth year and continued in the fifth. Both BS and MS theses are required. Fifth-year students will devote more than 50 percent of their time to research.

The five-year program is a great choice for students looking to get their master’s, whether they intend to continue on to get their PhD or choose to work as chemists.

Since the program is based on an integration of the fourth and fifth years of study, careful planning is required. Students should discuss this program with a faculty advisor when they begin to make decisions about senior research in the spring of the junior year.

Formal application to the graduate school and admission to the program follows in the fall of the senior year.


For more information please contact the graduate studies coordinator.