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Term Schedule

Each term Course Registration occurs in  UR Student, which is also where students and faculty can see the most up to date course information.   You can also view the public Course Descriptions/Course Schedules (CDCS), which is updated at the end of each day. 

First-Year students taking chemistry courses can find more information on what to register for, and more here:

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Fall 2021

CHEM 131-1
Benjamin Hafensteiner
TR 12:30PM - 1:45PM
CHEM 131-2
Benjamin Hafensteiner
TR 11:05AM - 12:20PM
CHEM 137-1
Lewis Rothberg; Courtney Stanford
TR 3:25PM - 4:40PM
CHEM 171-1
Joseph Dinnocenzo
MWF 11:50AM - 12:40PM
CHEM 203-1
Rudi Fasan
MWF 11:50AM - 12:40PM
CHEM 211-1
Michael Neidig
TR 9:40AM - 10:55AM
CHEM 231W-1
Kathryn Knowles
TR 12:30PM - 1:45PM
CHEM 251-1
Ignacio Franco
MWF 10:25AM - 11:15AM
CHEM 286-1
Wolf Schroeder
TR 12:30PM - 1:45PM
CHEM 391-1
CHEM 393-1
Kara Bren
CHEM 393-10
Ellen Hicks
CHEM 393-11
David McCamant
CHEM 393-12
Michael Neidig
CHEM 393-13
Bradley Nilsson
CHEM 393-14
Shauna Tschirhart
CHEM 393-15
Lewis Rothberg
CHEM 393-16
Wolf Schroeder
CHEM 393-17
Alison Frontier
CHEM 393-2
Rudi Fasan
CHEM 393-3
Ignacio Franco
CHEM 393-5
Pengfei Huo
CHEM 393-6
William Jones
CHEM 393-7
Rose Kennedy
CHEM 393-8
Kathryn Knowles
CHEM 393-9
Todd Krauss
CHEM 394-1
CHEM 395-1