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Undergraduate Program

Approved Replacements for CHEM 234 in the BS Program

Students in the Chemistry BS degree program may replace CHEM 234 Advanced Laboratory Techniques  with CHEM 244W Advanced Nuclear Science Educational Laboratory (ANSEL), or one of the following approved laboratory courses in another science department.  Permission of the Undergraduate Studies Committee must be granted to use a course that is not listed below.


BCH 208: Laboratory Methods in Biochemistry
BCH 308: Biochemistry Laboratory & Critical Analysis


BIOL 268: Laboratory in Molecular Genetics


MBI 221: Microbiology Laboratory


BCSC 203: Laboratory in Neurobiology


PHYS 243/244: Advanced Laboratory I and II


OPT 253: Quantum & Nano Optics Laboratory
OPT 254: Nanometrology Laboratory
OPT 256: Optics Laboratory