Other Approved 200-Level Science Courses for the Chemistry BA Program

The chemistry BA program requires "two additional (eight credits) 200-level (or higher) chemistry courses or other approved science courses from this listing on this page. Permission of the Undergraduate Studies Committee is required to use a course that is not a chemistry 200-level course, and is also not on this listing (below).

Course titles and semesters offered are subject to change, please consult an advisor regarding your individual program requirements. For a complete list of chemistry courses please see our chemistry website course listing, or the CDCS.

Biochemistry (BCH)

  • BCH 208(W): Biochemistry Laboratory
  • BCH 308(W): Biochemistry Laboratory and Critical Analysis

Biology (BIOL)

  • BIOL 202(W): Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 205(W): Evolution
  • BIOL 208: Introduction to Programming in Biology
  • BIOL 210(W): Cell Biology
  • BIOL 220(W): Advanced Cell Biology
  • BIOL 226(W): Developmental Biology
  • BIOL 243(W): Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
  • BIOL 250: Biochemistry
  • BIOL 252: Principles of Biochemistry 
  • BIOL 267: Molecular Evolution
  • BIOL 268(W): Laboratory in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
  • BIOL 278: Biochemistry Mechanisms of Cellular Processes

Chemical Engineering (CHE)

  • CHE 213: Engineering of Soft Matter
  • CHE 243: Fluid Dynamics
  • CHE 264: Biofuels
  • CHE 286/486: Polymer Science and Engineering

Chemistry (CHEM)

  • Any four (4) credit 200-level chemistry/CHEM course

Earth and Environmental Sciences (EESC)

  • EESC 206(W): Petrology
  • EESC 209: Introduction to Geochemistry
  • EESC 212: A Climate Change Perspective to Chemical Oceanography
  • EESC 216(W): Environmental Geochemistry
  • EESC 218: Atmospheric Geochemistry
  • EESC 236: Physics of Climate
  • EESC 261: Stable Isotope Geochemistry
  • EESC 265(W): Paleoclimate
  • EESC 274: Paleoceanography and Climate Change

Microbiology (MBI)

  • MBI 220: Introduction to Microbiology
  • MBI 221W: Microbiology Laboratory
  • MBI 473: Immunology

Material Science (MSC)

  • MSC 202: Introduction to Materials

Neuroscience (NSCI)

  • NSCI 201: Basic Neurobiology
  • NSCI 203: Laboratory in Neurobiology
  • NSCI 243: Neurochemical Foundations of Behavior

Optics (OPT)

  • OPT 224: Fundamentals of Lasers
  • OPT 241: Geometrical Optics
  • OPT 253: Quantum and Nano Optics Laboratory
  • OPT 254: Nanometrology Laboratory
  • OPT 256: Optics Laboratory
  • OPT 276: Biomedical Optics

Physics (PHYS)

  • PHYS 217: Electricity and Magnetism I
  • PHYS 218: Electricity and Magnetism II
  • PHYS 227: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • PHYS 235W: Classical Mechanics
  • PHYS 237: Quantum Mechanics of Physical Systems
  • PHYS 243W: Advanced Experimental Techniques I
  • PHYS 244W: Advanced Experimental Techniques II
  • PHYS 245W: Advanced Nuclear Science Education Lab
  • PHYS 246: Quantum Theory
  • PHYS 251: Introduction to Condensed Matter
  • PHYS 253: Biological Physics
  • PHYS 254: Nuclear and Particle Physics (was 20th Century Particle Physics)
  • PHYS 255: Introduction to Fluid Dynamics

*Course titles and semesters offered are subject to change, please consult an advisor regarding your individual program requirements. If you see a course that is NOT on this list that you believe should qualify (must have some chemistry content and be 200-level), then please seek permission by emailing ugradadm@chem.rochester.edu.

For a complete list of chemistry courses please see our website course listing, or the CDCS.)

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