Dramaturgical Resources


Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights

By Gertrude Stein

Over the course of the season, our assistant directors and student dramaturgs will be compiling dramaturgical resources relating to each production as it develops. Below are some links to websites which relate to the history of the play, the biography of the playwright, and sites that contextualize and, we hope, shed light on the directorial approach to the dramatic material.

We hope you find these resources of interest.

Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein (b. 1874 - d. 1946)

An enormous amount of online material exists relating to both Gertrude Stein and her work, and to the Faust myth and various Faust authors. Below, we've listed some of these websites and divided them thematically into groups. Additionally, we've listed some other resources pertaining to thematic concerns evident in the text or referenced conceptually in the production.

Gertrude Stein

The World of Gertrude Stein

Tenderbuttons: Gertrude Stein Online

Modern American Poetry: Gertrude Stein

Stein Reads Her Own Work

Gertrude Stein reads extracts from The Making of Americans, A Completed Portrait of Picasso, and others (including a Stein interview)

Christopher Marlowe's Dr. Faustus

SparkNotes: Doctor Faustus - Synopsis, Text, and Commentary

Doctor Faustus - Scholarly Eletronic Text and original English Faust Book (Marlowe's original source)

Goethe and Goethe's Faust

A pocket biography of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Faust articles and resources from About.com

Faust in General

Faust, the Man/Myth


The Minds that Discovered Electricity

The Origins of Electricity

The History of Electricity

Marshall McLuhan on Electricity, Media and Identity

About Marshall McLuhan

Another pocket biography of McLuhan

McLuhan and Identity in the Technological Age



Nobel Prize presentation speech awarding Nobel Prize in Physics to Enrico Fermi

The Seeds of War and World Conquest

The British reaction to the German-Austrian Anschluss: statement of the Prime Minister in the House of Commons