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Susan Ware

Susan Ware co-teaches Voice and Movement for the Actor at the University of Rochester, and teaches Movement for Actors at Geva Theatre Center. In 2011, she was assistant director for Geva Theatre’s production of Over the Tavern, where for the first time in the country, Geva cast a young actor with Down Syndrome in the role of a (gasp!) Young Man with Down Syndrome. In the 30 productions of this play before Geva’s, only non-disabled actors played the role.

Susan consults for Geva in dance and movement and you may have seen her work in House and Garden and Below the Belt, among others.

Her work in dance and theater also takes her to Continuing Developmental Services, where she works with adults with developmental disabilities. Her dance troupe, Susan Ware and the Dance Connection, performs in schools and community venues. She has had many interns in psychology, theater and dance from the University of Rochester, Nazareth College and SUNY Brockport.