Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics

ESP is a working research group of faculty, postdocs, and students, from Linguistics and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, that meets every two weeks to discuss research questions about the relationship between pragmatics and semantics, and the experimental investigation of this relationship.

The primary faculty participants are Scott Grimm and Greg Carlson of Linguistics, and Mike Tanenhaus of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Often a reading is discussed, but ESP is also a forum for presentation of practice talks, research updates, and just plain brainstorming.

Membership in the group is open to anyone interested in the topics, regardless of departmental affiliation, and is established by showing up fairly regularly, and feeling a need to offer a credible explanation when you don't.

Current and Recent Lab Members

Recent Topics

Recent Readings

Below is a sampling of recent readings the group has discussed, to give some idea of the scope of the ESP research.

Other Readings