MA Program

The MA program of the Department of History offers individually tailored programs with opportunities for transnational and comparative study. Students design their own programs of study in consultation with their advisors in accord with their own intellectual and research interests. Through a mix of directed readings, independent study, and research seminars, students aim to balance understanding of particulars with an enriched sense of contexts.

Together the student and their advisor will use the Advising Worksheet (see handbook) to formulate the student’s academic plans. This worksheet will then be used to complete the Program of Study Form (see handbook) which is submitted to the Graduate coordinator to obtain approval from the Graduate studies office.

The MA degree requires 30 hours of graduate credit beyond the bachelor’s degree. Courses in the Department of History normally carry 5 credit hours. Full-time MA students earn 15 credits each semester for one year, for a total of 30 credit hours.

The Department of History offers two tracks to a MA degree, known as Plan A and Plan B. See the handbook for specific expectations for coursework under each plan.

For more information about the MA program and to see a list of requirements, see the MA handbook.