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Featured Alumni: Peter Szabo

Peter Szabo

1985, BA in History and Political Science

Current position
Founder and Principal, Bloomingdale Management Advisors, LLC

Additional degrees, majors, training
M.P.P.M, Yale School of Management, 1990
MA in International Relations, Yale University, 1990

"How did your history degree from U of R help you prepare for your profession?"

My history degree prepared me in many fundamental ways for life and for my career. Among those that come immediately to mind are: a) ability to synthesize lots of information, to look for the essential story, and, with that, the important meanings – this is a crucial skill; b) ability to think critically and independently; c) ability to research, to not trust just the first bit of information you find, but to keep digging; d) a sense of “historiography,” which applied outside academia translates to, “Well, how have people thought about this issue over time, and how do people think about it now?”; e) multiculturalism – how people from different cultures, etc. may view things differently; f) outstanding writing skills.