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Course Credit 

Please remember that if you enroll in a 500-level graduate seminar you will receive 5 credits. If you enroll in a 400-level graduate section of an undergraduate course, you will receive 4 credits.

Faculty in the English department are accustomed to adding an extra one-credit option to their 400-level courses. If you want this credit, you need to enroll in a one-credit "course" (not officially cross-listed) loosely linked to each of our 400-level courses. It will have the same number with an "M." It is open only to students enrolled in the corresponding 4-credit 400-level course.

Each faculty member determines the work required to obtain that extra credit (typically, depending on the course, some combination of extra meetings throughout the semester, extra readings, a long seminar paper rather than the shorter essays required of undergraduates, or an extra in-class presentation). If you are enrolling in a 400-level course in another department, please be certain that the instructor is willing to offer this extra one-credit option.