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DMS Major/Minor

Associate Professor of Atlantic & Early American History Michael J. Jarvis (L) works with students in his digital history course in the DIgital HIstory Lab in Rush Rhees Library.

DMS is an interdisciplinary major comprising of fourteen courses and can satisfy either the humanities or natural science divisional area. The divisional area is determined by which seven or more of the fourteen courses are taken.

The DMS program typically takes students anywhere from 2.5–3 years to complete. Students must complete two of the four introductory required courses before they can declare the DMS major. The DMS minor consists of six courses and can be in either humanities or natural sciences. When you are ready to declare either the DMS major or minor, see the UR Sophomores website for more information.

Experience (UX)/User-Centered Design Certificate

The user experience (UX)/user-centered design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function. For more information on the certificate requirements, see the User Experience (UX)/User-Centered Design page.

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Advice for Undergraduates

First-and Second-Year Students

Students in the class of 2026 and 2027 should try to enroll in any of the four introductory required courses. It is strongly encouraged that students interested in DMS take DMST 103 by the end of their sophomore year, or, at the very latest, by their first semester of junior year. Completion of all introductory courses is not required to declare the major or minor. For academic program planning, email the undergraduate program coordinator.

Junior and Transfer* Students

Students in the class of 2025 must complete the Digital Application course, DMST 200W, no later than the end of their junior year. DMST 103 is a prerequisite to DMST 200W, therefore, students in the class of 2024 should complete DMST 103 no later than the end of the 1st semester of their junior year. Successful completion of DMST 200W is required for students to register for the DMS Senior Capstone course, DMST 372.

*Transfer students interested in the DMS major or minor should schedule a meeting to talk with the DMS academic advisor by emailing the undergraduate program coordinator to ensure access into the required courses.

Senior DMS Students

Students in the class of 2024 must enroll in the Senior Capstone Sequence. The senior capstone sequence is a year-long commitment that always starts in the fall semesters of a students’ senior year. DMST 372, the first course of the senior capstone, is only offered in fall semesters. DMST 373, the second course of the senior capstone, is only offered in spring semesters.

Senior DMS students should also ensure that the remainder of their DMS requirements are fulfilled or have an approved plan in place for completing their major or minor with the DMS program. For program approval, email the undergraduate program coordinator.

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Suggested Courses

Spring 2024 DMS Course Offerings (pdf)

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