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Digital Photography

Video Production

Graphic Illustration

3D Prototyping

Video Game Design

Major Requirements

Pursue a degree or take courses in digital media studies.

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Capstone Project

Review customer proposals or design your own digital media project as part of a team.

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Rettner Hall

A special facility dedicated to supporting collaboration, discovery, and innovation.

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Screen shot of preliminary model

Research Spotlight

Tracing Americanization on Smiths Island

History, archaeology, and digital modeling combine in Michael Jarvis’ research into English America’s early settlements. His excavation project on Smiths Island in Bermuda aims to document the arrival and development of Englishmen and Africans during the early 1600s.

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of DMS graduates have gone on to graduate school (Johns Hopkins, Northeastern, University of Michigan) or professional work, many with digitally-relevant firms, such as Google, IBM, Spotify, Netflix, Disney, and Atlantic Media.

Did you know?

You can complete digital media studies as either as a humanities major or a natural science major, depending on your specific interests.

Student Project
Samuel Alen, 3D Prototype Project

Why DMS?

With state-of-the-art technologies, leading faculty, and flexible studies, the University of Rochester is the ideal place to explore the connections between digital technology, critical analysis, production, and innovation.

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