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A PhD student tries out Team Cheshire's senior project, a game for ESL users.

Fall 2023 Registration

Advice for undergraduate students.

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A student wearing virtual reality glasses.

Discover the growing role of digital media in how we live, work, and play

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An panoramic image of the quad created by a group of students.

Work as a team to create an original digital media project

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A professor giving a lecture.

Understand the history, theory, and role of media and technology

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Major Requirements

Pursue a degree or take courses in digital media studies.

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Capstone Project

Review customer proposals or design your own digital media project as part of a team.

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Rettner Hall

A special facility dedicated to supporting collaboration, discovery, and innovation.

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Examples of digital materials created by undergraduate students for their digital media studies capstone projects.

Feature Story

Seniors in digital media studies present capstone projects

Undergraduate students showcase how digital media can help address real-world problems.

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On her YouTube channel ReacttotheK, Emma Chang '20 introduces her fellow classical musicians to K-Pop, while exposing K-Pop fans to the fundamentals of music theory. (Photo: Crystal Bell)

Feature Story

Capturing an audience with K-pop and classical music

Classically trained Rochester graduate Emma Chang ’20 has become a YouTube sensation by sharing her musical expertise and interest with fans of the worldwide pop music genre.

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After graduating, 95 percent of DMS students go on to graduate school or professional work in digitally-relevant firms.


You can complete digital media studies as either as a humanities major or a natural science major, depending on your specific interests.

Why DMS?

With state-of-the-art technologies, leading faculty, and flexible studies, the University of Rochester is the ideal place to explore the connections between digital technology, critical analysis, production, and innovation.

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