Fall 2011, vol. 6, no. 1

Working Papers in the Language Sciences at the University of Rochester (WPLS:UR) is an online publication of working papers from the University's interdisciplinary language sciences community.

The entire volume and individual papers are both available in PDF format below.

Entire volume

Editors: Alex B. Fine

The Tsuut'ina Vocalic System

Santiago Barreda

Morpheme Segmentation in School-aged Children

Sara Finley & Elissa Newport

De-Maxim-Izing Quality

Christine Gunlogson

Replicating Goddard: A contemporary airflow and egg study of Dene Su Łine

Joyce McDonough, Benjamin Tucker, Valerie Wood, Horace Adams

A Brief Report on Voice Mismatch Effects in Verb Phrase Ellipsis and Sluicing

Jeffrey Runner and Timothy Dozat

Acoustic Phonetic Analysis as a Means Defining the Phonemic Inventory: Evidence from the Vowel Space in Tsuut'ina

Michelle Sims