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Spring 2020

danteDante Politico at the Crossroad of Arts and Sciences

This event has been indefinitely postponed 

A two-day international symposium devoted to Dante’s political thought. The symposium is based on the premise that political concerns are not only inseparable from Dante’s biography but they also permeate the whole corpus of Dante’s works and emerge in various ways at the intersection of all fields of knowledge that Dante explores. While elucidating for us the natural integration of the humanities with the sciences, Dante continues to a be a source of provocative insights and inspirations on how to be political animals today. 

Several recent publications and conferences confirm the timeliness of the topic and testify to the presence of a lively debate on these matters also discussed under the heading of the Reception of Dante’s works. Scholars from South America, Europe, and the United States will convene at the University of Rochester to exchange ideas and provide fresh contributions to this debate.

Director: Donatella Stocchi-Perucchio (University of Rochester). Coordinator: Silvia Benso (Rochester Institute of Technology).

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