Jesse L. Rosenberger Work-in-Progress Seminar Series

The Center began hosting a regular, bi-weekly lunchtime seminar series in January 2016. This series includes presentations by the Center’s junior faculty fellows.

2023-2024 seminars include:

  • 9/20, Tingting Xu: “What if There wasn’t a Name for Photography? —Images & Discourses in Later Imperial and Early Republican China”
  • 9/26, Elif Karakaya (Meliora Global Scholar): "Unfinished Empire: Place and Memory in Post-Ottoman Visual Art and Culture" (presentation via Zoom, audience will gather in the Center)
  • 10/11, Mizin Shin: "Practical and Affordable Printmaking Methods: A Gulde for Art Educators"
  • 10/24, Richard Fadok: "Syntopia: Anthropological Ganders in Architectural Nests"
  • 11/8, Jon Catlin: "An American Historians' Dispute: Holocaust Representation and the Specter of (De)constructivism"
  • 11/21, Jeff Baron (Meliora Global Scholar): "Treasure-hunting and grave-robbing in the medieval and early modern Hispanic world"
  • 12/6, Tom Gibson: "The emergence of indigenous rights as a global movement 1919-2013"
  • 1/31, Peter Christensen
  • 2/13, Stewart Weaver
  • 2/28, Conā Marshall
  • 3/12, Jesse LeFebvre 
  • 3/27, Dmitry Bykov
  • 4/9, TBD (Meliora Global Scholar)
  • 4/24, TBD (Meliora Global Scholar)