Meliora Scholars

We are now accepting applications to the Meliora Scholars program!

To apply, please click here.

The Humanities Center, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and the School of Arts and Sciences invite applications from current first-year students to the Meliora Scholars program.  The selective program offers:

  • Funds for students to conduct independent research in the Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences (History and Anthropology). Educational experiences relevant to humanistic inquiry, such as language acquisition, internships, or Study Abroad programs, may also qualify for funding.
  • Individual and small-group mentoring by faculty members
  • Activities that explore the nature and rewards of humanistic research, such as discussions, field trips, and special opportunities to connect with both UR faculty and visiting scholars
  • A humanities-based peer group
  • Recognition of participation in the program on the students’ resumes or transcripts.

Students who already hold RIG or HRIG funding are eligible to become Meliora Scholars and will receive additional Meliora Scholar grants depending on their research needs.

The Meliora Scholars Program is open to first-year students in any major who are interested in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.

Faculty members are urged to bring this opportunity to the attention of potential applicants.

If you are a current Meliora Scholar, click here for the funds disbursement form.