Projects & Events | 2022-2023

Learn more about the projects that were selected this year and the exciting line-up of speakers, films, symposia, courses, conferences, panels and exhibitions.

Fall 2022

danteJane Comfort & Company's Unvarnished America

Wednesday, October 26 @ 8pm

A two-day international symposium devoted to Witness a cross of this country's recent wars, revealing that the true basis of America's greatness lies in its diversity and compassionate view towards those unlike ourselves.

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Jane Comfort and Company will also be offering master classes while on campus and in Rochester:

Monday, Oct. 24
11am-noon – Jane Comfort teaches older adults at Community Place of Greater Rochester
11:50am-1:35pm – Modern Dance Technique and Repertory
(Spurrier Dance Studio) – OPEN TO ALL

Tuesday, Oct. 25 
11:05-12:20pm – Socio-political Dance-making - (Spurrier Dance Studio) – OPEN TO ALL
2:00-3:30pm – Jane Comfort will teach a workshop for the Dance on Camera ~ Camera on Dance Class.

capture.jpg"They'll Sing Fa-Sol-La in the Tavern": Music Literacy and Identity in America, 1698–1958

Friday, November 4 @ 6pm

Dr. Ian Quinn (Chair: Department of Music, Yale University) The singing of psalms and hymns has been an important site of cultural exchange between Black, White, and Indigenous communities since the founding of the United States. This talk traces the role of musical literacy in the negotiation of American identities, focusing on the controversial vernacular singing-school traditions that spread through the camp meetings of the Second Great Awakening and that live on in the DNA of contemporary American musical practices from folk to gospel.

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