Sample Journals

For many years, a detailed journal constituted the course's main assignment. Students now write a take-home exam upon returning to Rochester (these exams tend to run to about 20-25 pages each). Click below to read sample responses to the take-home exam, as well as student journals from the years in which the journal was assigned.

Winter 2013-2014:

Composite Take-Home Essay-Exam (read essays in chronological order of productions attended)

Winter 2012-2013:

Graduate Student Composite (read the journal)

Mara Ahmed, Independent Scholar (read the journal)

Winter 2011-2012:

2011 Composite (read the journal)

Sara Cohen (read the journal)

Meridel Phillips (read the journal)

Laurel Raymond (read the journal)

Pamela Yee (graduate student) (read the journal)

Winter 2010-2011:

2010 Composite (read the journal)

Kelsey Burritt (read the journal)

Annalise Baird (read the entries) 

Charlie Edwards (read the entries)

Monica Felder (read the entries)

Emily Fogel (read the entries)

Melissa Martin (read the entries)

Elizabeth Sciavolino (read the entries)

Danielle Wedde (read the entries)

Nancy Weng (read the entries)

Hilary Wermers (read the entries)

Samantha Newmark (graduate student) (read the journal)(photo journal) 

Winter 2009-2010:

Jeff Englander (read the journal)

Leah Barish (read the journal) 

Winter 2008-2009:

Jesse Bia (read the journal)

Winter 2007-2008:

Ted Chelis (read the journal)

Winter 2006-2007:

Sydney Horne (read the entries)

Cat Prueitt (read the journal)

Kate Scally (read the journal)

Kate Norako (graduate student) (read the journal)

Winter 2005-2006:

Carl Adair (read the journal)

Haley Massa (read the journal)

Leah Haught (graduate student) (read the journal)

Winter 2004-2005:

Angela Austen (read the journal) + see the photos

Sara H. Cohen (read the journal)

Kevin Cryderman (graduate student) (read the journal)

Winter 2003-2004:

Lauren Duszlak: (read the entries)

Yael Garfinkle: (read the entry); (read the entry); (read the entry); (read the entry)

Dave Polato: (read the entries)

Patrick Rousseau: (read the entries)

Annie Heckel (graduate student): (read the entry); (read the entry); (read the entry); (read the entry); (read the entry)

Katie Hurley (graduate student): (read the entry); (read the entry)

Winter 2001-2002:

Hilary Fox, (read the journal)

Jenny Douglas (graduate student): (read the journal)

Winter 1999-2000:

Jason Castro, (read the journal)