Community Engagement

Students working on a community garden

As a discipline, the environmental humanities necessarily involve our communities, which include the natural and physical environments as well as the people who live, work, and interact in and with them.

At the University of Rochester, connecting with the community is one of our core values. Many of our programs, classes, research initiatives, events, and outreach efforts often include or feature our communities, local and global.

University faculty, meanwhile, host a biennial OS Fermentation Workshop, in which students hack vegetables, fruits, and operating systems to generate a creative moment of live culture—on campus and beyond.

We also regularly welcome eco-artists and other sustainability-minded creators to campus to showcase their productions and interact with the University community.

Certificate in Community-Engaged Learning

The Certificate in Community-Engaged Learning is a collaboration between the Center for Community Engagement (CCE), the dean of the College, and Arts, Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) academic programs. The program supports students, faculty, and community partners who combine teaching, research, and practice to build scholarship and address pressing issues facing communities locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Visit the CCE website to learn more.