Ron Jones Lecture

This series honors Ronald W. Jones for his outstanding contribution to the field of economics and for his life-long commitment to the Rochester PhD program. Professor Jones began his appointment at Rochester in 1958 and retains the appointment of Professor of Economics, Emeritus.

The Jones Lecture Series is supported by the Tapan Mitra Endowment, and recognizes Professor Jones influence on Dr. Mitra when he was a graduate student in Economics at the University of Rochester.

Past Participants

  • Ariel Burstein (2023) Supplier Churn and Growth: A Micro-to-Macro Analysis
  • Gene Grossman (2022) Supply Chain Resilience: Should Policy Promote Diversification or Reshoring?
  • Samuel Kortum (2021) Optimal Unilateral Carbon Taxes
  • Jonathan Eaton (2019) Trade in the Knowledge Economy
  • Robert Staiger (2018) Quantitative Analysis of Multi-Party Tariff Negotiations
  • Elhanan Helpman (2017) Growth, Trade, and Inequality