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Osaka-Rochester Workshop on Alternatives-to-Market Design

Thanks to a generous donation of an alumnus of our graduate program, a workshop on economic design will take place from Friday early afternoon, March 27 to Sunday early afternoon, March 29. Other sponsors include  the  Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University, Japan,  the Wallis Institute and the Department of Economics of the University of Rochester.

Participants will include Professor Eric Maskin, Harvard University, 2007 Laureate of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Professor Herv\'e Moulin, University of Glasgow, current President of the Game Theory Society, as well as a number of prominent researchers in a wide range of subjects, includingobject allocation problems, priority-augmented object-allocation problems,  pairing problems,  voting, implementation,  decision theory, and conflict resolution.

Participants will come from all parts of the world, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Scotland, Denmark and France as well as from several US universities. A strong contingent of alumni of our graduate program will be present.

For information about the program, please contact Professor William Thomson, Department of Economics, University of Rochester. 

Wallis Political Economy Working Group

The Political Economy Working Group provides a forum for faculty and graduate students in the political science and economics departments to discuss advanced topics in political economy. These workshops are meant to be open and presenters should feel free to discuss their own research, advertise a new literature, provide insight into an existing literature, or teach a new analytical technique that would be of interest to the group.

Wallis Political Economy Seminar Series

The Seminar Series brings outside speakers to Rochester to discuss their research in the field of political economy. Faculty members and graduate students in the Departments of Political Science and Economics are invited to attend.