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Graduate Program

PhD Candidates on the Job Market

Job Market Candidates

Interested in hiring a department graduate? See our brochure of current job market candidates or review the list below:


Vi Cao

 vi cao  

Job Market Paper: "Constrained-Efficient Profit Division in a Dynamic Partnership"
Fields: Game Theory, Dynamic Mechanism Design, Epistemic Game Theory
References: Paulo Barelli (Advisor), Srihari Govindan, Yu Awaya

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Richard DiSalvo 

richard disalvo

Job Market Paper 1: "The Effects of Drinking Water Contamination on Birth Outcomes: New Estimates from Drinking Water Samples"
Fields: Economics of Education, Environmental Economics, Health Economics
References: Elaine Hill (Advisor), Joshua Kinsler, Orna Intrator (Teaching)

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Hyuntae Kim

hyuntae kim

Job Market Paper: "Exploiting Separation Dynamics over Wage Spells: A Test for Sticky Wages"
Fields: Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Computational Economics
References: Mark Bils (Advisor), Yongsung Chang, Narayana Kocherlakota

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Eunmi Ko

emma ko

Job Market Paper: "Optimal Central Bank Forward Guidance"
Fields: Macroeconomic Theory, Game Theory
References: Narayana Kocherlakota (Advisor), Paulo Barelli, Mark Bils 

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Zizhen Ma

zizhen ma

Job Market Paper: "Efficiency and Surplus Distribution in Majoritarian Reputational Bargaining"
Fields: Game Theory, Political Economy, Mechanism Design
References: John Duggan (Advisor), Paulo Barelli, Srihari Govindan

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Carter Mix

carter mix

Job Market Paper: "Technology, Geography, and Trade Over Time: The Dynamic Effects of Changing Trade Policy"
Fields: International Trade, International Macroeconomics
References: George Alessandria (Advisor), Yan Bai, Dan Lu

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Lucas Pahl

lucas pahl

Job Market Paper: “Index Theory of Strategic-form Games with Applications to Extensive-form Games"
Fields: Mathematical Economics and Game Theory
References: Paulo Barelli (Co-Advisor), Srihari Govindan (Co-Advisor), Rida Laraki

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Nicolas Riquelme

nicolas riquelme

Job Market Paper: "Competing Auctions with Informed Sellers"
Fields: Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Industrial Organization, Antitrust and Regulation
References: Paulo Barelli (Advisor), Srihari Govindan, Yu Awaya, Jeanine Miklos-Thal

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Viviane Sanfelice

viviane sanfelice

Job Market Paper: “Universal Public Childcare and Mother’s Labor Force Participation in Brazil"
Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Urban and Public Economics, Economics of Education, Empirical Political Economy
References: Ronni Pavan (Advisor), Gregorio Caetano, John Singleton

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Please reach out to our placement contacts with any questions.

Faculty Placement Chair
Paulo Barelli
(585) 275-8075

Graduate Coordinator
Pamela Young
(585) 275-8625