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Danthine's Guide for Using UR Dissertation Template for Scientific Workplace Users

This document is a rough guide for using the UR dissertation template for scientific workplace users. Comments and questions may be mailed to Samuel at danthine.samuel@uqam.ca.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Put all your dissertation chapters and files in one folder (say, mythesis) and put EconDissertationSW.tex in there, too.

2a. Rename reportsam2.cls as report.cls

2b. Find where report.cls is in the SW folder (should be something like ../tex/latex/base/report.cls, where ../ indicate the sw root

2c. rename the report.cls that is in there (so that you can revert changes later if you wish)

2d. place the newly saved (in step 2a) report.cls in that folder

3. Open each of your chapters in word processor like wordpad or notepad (choose the one that allows you to see best). Save them with a new name, chap1.tex, chap2.tex and chap3.tex.

4. The structure of these files is:





some title stuff

your document


you should delete everything up to and including \begin{document}

then start the document by \title{Your Title}

then delete \end{document} and all that is after it.

In the end, all your files should start like this:

\title{Your Title}


Nothing more..

Don’t forget to save!

Note: If things don’t format perfectly, one thing you will have to do is check if the packages and definition that I summed up as stuff above can be found at the top of


5. Open EconDissertationSW.tex in the same word processor:

I have put comments which should help fill the form (these are after %)

Do not touch stuff before \begin{document}.

Note: you might have to change if you are in the case of the note above.


Fill in the Title page : title; your name; your advisor; the year (if it is not 2004)

Fill in the dedication page. If you do not want to make a dedication, delete all the elements in between %BEGIN DEDICATIONS PAGE and %END DEDICATIONS PAGE.

Fill in the CV page. Start all paragraphs with \noindent. Delete the \noindent you do not need (I have already put three).

Fill in the Acknowledgment page. Start all paragraphs with \noindent. Delete the \noindent you do not need (I have already put three).

Fill in the abstract page. Start all paragraphs with \noindent. Delete the \noindent you do not need (I have already put three). Be careful that we are allowed a maximum of 1xx words or so (check the number, I have forgotten it).

Do not touch the list of figures, list of tables and table of contents pages.

Now you should arrive to:

%Chapter One


Inside the \include{}, put the name of your file (without the extension). Do the same for chapter 2, 3, intro etc. For my example,it then becomes:

%Chapter One


%Chapter Two


%Chapter Three


Now you want to take care of the bibliography if you use bibtex, uncomment (i.e. get rid of the %) the following lines and place your .bib file in the folder.



(where bibatch.bib is my example .bib file)

then delete everything between and including



Otherwise, copy and past all your biblio items between




Finally, if you have an appendix, fill in the appendix stuff, otherwise delete all that but do not delete the \end{document}

Now compile