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Robert W. Kreilick

  • Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

PhD, Washington University, 1964

(585) 275-4231

Research Overview

The research conducted in Professor Kreilick's group involves investigations of magnetic and electrical properties of solid transition metal complexes and organic free radicals. Experiments which produce information about electron-electron exchange interactions, dipolar interactions, and electrical conductivity are being conducted.

Research Interests

  • Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Solids: Rapid Motion in Solids, Structure of Solids, Energy Transfer in Solids

Selected Publications

  • Kato, T., Sato, K., Tekui, T., Hurum, D. C., Kreilick, R. W., Okubo, S., Akasaka, T. "Determination of the cage structure of LaC82," Proc. Electrochem. Soc.1998, 8, 967-972.
  • Hurum, D.C., Bovenzi, B., Kreilick, R.W., Weiss, D. "Spin Exchange of Cation Radicals in Solid Polymeric Matrices," J. Phys. Chem.1998, 102, 1071-1076.
  • Hurum, D.C., Kreilick, R. W. "Kinetics of Rapid Internal Subgroup Rotation of a Group of Phenoxy Radicals as Studied by ENDOR Spectroscopy," J. Phys. Chem.1995, 99, 11813.
  • Boklye, K., Greiner, S. P., Kreilick, R. W. "Magnetic Angle Selection in Rhombic Metal Complexes and Nitroxide Radicals: EPR Spectra as 3-dimensional Energy Surfaces," Mol. Phys.1995, 84, 511.
  • Zhou, D., Kreilick, R. W. "V-Band EPR Spectra of some Cu Complexes," J. Mag. Res.1994, 108, 93.
  • Zhou, D., Kreilick, R. W. "Electron Spin Exchange in Single Crystals of Cu(H2O)6(NH4)2SO4, J. Phys. Chem.1993, 97, 9304.