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Tessa Baker wins the 2024 Sandra M. Beach Memorial Award

July 8, 2024
Headshot of Tessa.
Congratulations to Tessa Baker, who is the recipient of the 2024Sandra M. Beach Memorial Award for outstanding service to the Department of Chemistry. The award was presented to Barb at the Department's Staff Luncheon and honors her years of service as a member of the Department of Chemistry.

Tessa Baker was particularly recognized for being instrumental in installing new NMR devices, and for her helpfulness and ability to tackle problems with a positive attitude, no matter what the issue might be.

Some comments from those who nominated her were:

“Tess Baker has once again been a model staff member who embodies the qualities that made Sandra Beach so beloved. She continues her open-door policy that makes students and staff alike feel comfortable in approaching her. Her large beakers of candy are no legendary. This year has been particularly challenging in that she oversaw the arrival of two new NMR instruments, the first in approximately 20 years. Major portions her days were often spent working with the engineers and application scientists from JEOL, while coordinating with Ted O’Connell, Jason Hold and Ray Teng locally. She did all this while maintaining her genial manner. I think this award would tell Tess how much we have appreciated her efforts and camaraderie over the last five or so years.”

“Tess deserves this award as she has done a great job in facilitating the installation of the two new JEOL NMR instruments over the past year, including training users and accommodating special experiments. She is very approachable and happy to help users whenever they have questions/problems. Even when students make mistakes and break tubes in the instrument, they are not afraid information her as she tackles all issues with a positive attitude. Taken together, Tessa is a valuable member of our staff.”

“Whenever I need assistance, whether it be a technical issue or assistance in setting up for Distinguished Lecturers, she is a great addition to our staff. I great appreciate Tessa for all she had done to make our labs safer for all of our Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff.”

TheSandra M. Beach Memorial Award was established as a tribute to Sandra Beach, who served as the department secretary from 1991 until her tragic death in an automobile accident in 1993. She was an extremely important and well-liked staff member whose cheerful and helpful attitude made her an invaluable asset. Each year, co-workers, faculty, and students nominate a chemistry staff member whom they feel has contributed significantly to the welfare and camaraderie of the department.