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Hopeman Memorial Carillon

Concerts & Events —Summer 2018

Carillon bells

Events are subject to change.


Mondays in July, at 7 PM, rain or shine

Summer bells ring again!  Free outdoor concerts on the Eastman Quad

Where to (try to) park.

Click on the performer's name for their program!

July 2 - A special concert by members of the Carillon Society
July 9 - Tatiana Lukyanova
July 16 - James Fackenthal
July 23 - Gordon Slater
July 30 - Carlo van Ulft

lukyanova  fackenthal

gordo  carlo


Restoration - Summer Fall 2017 [UPDATE]

August - September, 2017 -

The initial phase of the restoration began August 24, and was completed on August 29 [see a photo essay here].  The 32 smaller bells were removed and loaded on a trailer to have their clappers rebuilt/refitted in Meeks & Watson’s workshop (in Ohio).  The largest of these "small" bells was 12-14” in diameter and about 150 lbs. The 18 largest bells were too large to move.  The clappers, however, were removed and replaced with new clappers. 

In September, Meeks & Watson returned to replace the now-refurbished smaller bells.  After some adjustments and a return trip, the bells are ringing again. And they sound fantastic!

The next chapter in the restoration saga will be upgrades to the keyboard, a new "umbrella" (which prevents water that collects at the base of the tower leaking into the cabin - and on the keyboard - should the water rise above a certain level) AND a complete restoration and refurbishment of the practice carillon which resides in Spurrier.

If you wish help with the restoration funding, your charitable contribution is most welcome.  And a "Thank you" to all those already supporting the restoration via donations to Hopeman Carillon Fund

That being said . . . let the bells ring out!