The Arthur Satz Department of Music in the School of Arts & Sciences works closely with the Eastman School of Music, the University’s professional music school, to offer pathways for students to continue their study of music at the graduate level.  Students who earn a BA in Music from the Satz Department of Music and are interested in Music Education or Ethnomusicology may seek permission from the Eastman School of Music to register in graduate-level coursework during their junior and senior years, and this coursework can be applied to the Master of Arts degree requirements upon matriculation to Eastman.   

Pathway to MA in Music Education with Teaching Certification

Undergraduates from the Satz Department of Music can get an early start on a Master of Arts degree in Music Education at Eastman. The program normally takes an additional 3-4 semesters beyond your BA degree study, and along with the master's degree students will receive initial certification to teach music in the New York State public school system. Students interested in the program should consult their academic advisor in their first year at the University, since a detailed program of study needs to be carried out. Additional details are available from the  Music Teaching and Learning Department at Eastman. 

Pathway to MA in Ethnomusicology

The pathway in Ethnomusicology is an innovative collaboration between the University of Rochester’s Arthur Satz Department of Music and the Musicology Department at the Eastman School of Music. This pathway offers students interested in exploring ethnomusicology the opportunity to take graduate-level coursework at Eastman during their undergraduate studies, which then may be applied to a Master of Arts degree upon matriculation to Eastman.  Graduate-level Ethnomusicology coursework taken at Eastman does not count towards a student’s undergraduate degree requirements, but rather these credits are set aside for use towards the MA in Ethnomusicology degree requirements.  Upon acceptance to Eastman’s MA in Ethnomusicology program, this credit can be applied to the MA degree requirements and potential shorten the student’s time to earn the MA degree by a semester or two.  This accelerated pathway offers BA music majors the opportunity to delve into ethnomusicology at the graduate level and potentially reduce the cost of a graduate degree.