URSeismo wins grant (@NSFEager) to develop content for flipped lectures in an era of virtual learning and online research collaboration, there is a growing need for engaging, high-quality, digital resources (static and dynamic) that support synchronous/asynchronous learning and enable productive long-distance collaboration.  The project will design multimodal pilot modules on (1) Elastodynamics, (2) Seismology and Plate Tectonics, and (3) Near-surface seismological methods and applications to the developed environment. The work has the potential to transform the traditional teaching mechanisms for upper-level geophysics courses and be used as a means to attract underrepresented groups to geophysics who may not have otherwise considered Earth science as a research focus. The project will incorporate flipped course design and mastery learning to help build student confidence, with the materials created in such a way that they are adaptable to both on-line and in-person teaching

URSeismo wins NSFGeo Eager Teaching Grant

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