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21. ‡  Tolulope Olugboji, Sayan Swar**,  Ziqi Zhang**,  Steve Carr**, Canberk Ekmecki** and Mujdat Cetin. On the Nature of Upper Mantle Stratification,  to be submitted to  TBD. [preprint-pdf].

20. ‡  Canberk Ekmekci**  and Tolulope Olugboji. On the Plug-and-Play Denoising of Teleseismic Body-waves, to be submitted to  TBD. [preprint-pdf].

19. ‡  Jean-Joel Legre** and Tolulope Olugboji. Africa’s Lithosphere Imaged with Multi-mode Body-Waves: ADAMA, to be submitted to  TBD. [preprint-pdf].

18. ‡  Ziqi Zhang** and Tolulope Olugboji. Lithospheric Imaging of a Large Oceanic Plateau, to be submitted to  TBD. [preprint-pdf].


17. †  Steve Carr**  and Tolulope Olugboji. A Taxonomy of Upper Mantle Stratification in the US, in review at AGU-Advances. [preprint-pdf]


16. †  Jean-Joel Legre** and Tolulope Olugboji. The Intraplate Stress Field of West Africa, in review at GRL. [preprint-pdf].

15. #  Ziqi Zhang** and Tolulope Olugboji. Crustal Imaging with Noisy Receiver Functions, BSSA, [preprint-pdf].

14. #  Tolulope Olugboji,  Ziqi Zhang**,  Steve Carr**, Canberk Ekmecki** and Mujdat Cetin. On the Detection of  Upper Mantle Discontinuities with Radon-Transformed Ps Receiver Functions (CRISP-RF), GJI, [pdf].

13. # Tolulope Olugboji,  Siyu Xue*, Yuri Tamama*, Jean-Joel Legre** . Africa’s Crustal Architecture Inferred from Probabilistic and Perturbational Inversion of Ambient Noise: ADAMA, in press Gcubed,, [pdf]


12. #  Ziqi Zhang** and Tolulope Olugboji. Lithospheric Imaging in Reverberant Layers: Sediment, Oceans & Glaciers, JGR, [pdf]

11. # Tolulope Olugboji and Siyu Xue*. A Short-Period Surface-Wave Dispersion Dataset for Model Assessment of Africa’s Crust: ADAMA. SRL, doi: 10.1785/0220210355. [pdf]


10. # Tolulope Olugboji, Manoochehr Shirzaei, Yingping Lu**, Adekunle Adepelumi, and Folarin Kolawole. On the Origin of Orphan Tremors & Intraplate Seismicity in Western Africa. Front. Earth Sci., 9, 749. [pdf]

9. # Ziqi Zhang** and Tolulope Olugboji, The signature and elimination of sediment reverberations on submarine receiver functions. JGR-Solid Earth, 126, e2020JB021567.


8.† Tolulope Olugboji, Vedran Lekic, Bill McDonough (2017), A Statistical Assessment of Models of the US Continental Crust using Bayesian Inversion of Ambient Noise Surface Wave Dispersion Data,  special issue Tectonics, doi:10.1002/2017TC004468 [pdf].


7.# Tolulope Olugboji, Jeffrey Park, and Shun-ichiro Karato  (2016), Reply to comment by Kawakatsu and Abe on “The Nature of the Seismic Lithosphere Asthenosphere Boundary beneath Normal Oceanic Mantle from High Resolution Receiver Functions”, G3doi: 10.1002/2016GC006453. [pdf]

6.# Tolulope Olugboji and Jeffrey Park (2016), Crustal Anisotropy beneath Pacific Ocean Islands from Harmonic Decomposition of Receiver Functions,G3,  doi:10.1002/2015GC006166. [pdf]

5.# Tolulope Olugboji, Jeffrey Park, Shun-ichiro Karato and Masanao Shinohara (2016), The Nature of the Seismic Lithosphere Asthenosphere Boundary beneath Normal Oceanic Mantle from High Resolution Receiver Functions, G3 ,  doi: 10.1002/2015GC006214. [pdf]


4.#  Shun-ichiro Karato, Tolulope Olugboji, and Jeffrey Park (2015). Mechanisms and geologic significance of the mid-lithosphere discontinuity in the continents, Nature Geosciences. [pdf]


3.# Tolulope Olugboji (2014), Revealing the Fine Structures of the Lithosphere Asthenosphere Boundary, PhD. Dissertation, Yale University, 286 Pages. [pdf]


2.# Tolulope Olugboji, Shun-ichiro Karato, and Jeffrey Park (2013), Structures of the oceanic lithosphere asthenosphere boundary: mineral physics modeling and seismological signatures, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 14, 880-901, doi:10.1002/ggge.20086. [pdf]

1.# AI Oluwaranti, B. S. Afolabi, O. O. Abiona, T.M. Olugboji, C. E. Onime, and L. Kehinde. (2013) Design and Implementation of a University-Based Information Service Center with SMS Notification (Obafemi Awolowo University as a Case Study), 70-85. In Electro/Information Technology (EIT), 2013 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 1-6). IEEE. doi:10.1109/EIT.2013.6632677

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