1. Ziqi Zhang. (2021). URseismology/RFDereverb: RFDereverb: 1st pre-production release (V1.0.2). Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4539654 DOI

2. Siyu Xue. (2021). URseismology/ADAMA: ADAMA.2 (v0.2). Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5753071 DOI

Orfeus| iEarth | obsPy | MSNoiseIRIS (teaching: recread, SEED)| SPECFEM | iPython | Macrostrat | 3DModelUSCrust (Shen et al.) | Ananconda |UMDDt2Wiki| M_map | Instrument Correction (Matlab  pdf| SAC | Obspy) |



A C++ command line utility to compute Ps receiver functions using the method of Park and Levin (2000). Module Extensions: Harmonic stacking in the frequency domain (e.g. Bianchi et al. (2010)), depth migration, azimuthal, epicentral, and multi-layer H-K stacking (see Olugboji and Park (2016)) ~ 8,000 lines of code


 Read documentation for running and compiling code [link here]. The code is an extension to the Trans-dimensional tomography code (rj-TOMO)  developed by the ANU group at iEarth.  Code extends the MPI C libraries with functionality to map azimuthal anisotropy . Code development and testing in progress.

SoftwareWatch this page for documentation and release of scientific software. The software is open-source and hosted on my Bitbucket repository. Quick  listing to useful research resource and tools:

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