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I strive to provide open access to all published data, so as to encourage repeatability of my science. A lot of the published data can also find uses in other secondary studies. Encouraging and enabling the ease of access of these data is the goal of this page. Watch this page for access to data. Read the following briefs that encourage open data access: Science | Washington Post | Youtube.

 1. Ambient noise phase velocity maps and uncertainties from USArray


If you use this dataset, cite Tolulope Olugboji, Vedran Lekic, Bill McDonough (2017), A Statistical Assessment of Models of the US Continental Crust using Bayesian Inversion of Ambient Noise Surface Wave Dispersion Data,  Tectonics, doi:10.1002/2017TC004468 [pdf].

All maps are generated from USANT12 measurements courtesy  Ekstrom G, 2014. Updates for USANT15 to follow shortly.

  • THBI_mean_std_maps.MAT:  mean and standard deviation phase velocity maps  (e.g., see Table 1, Olugboji et al., 2017)
    Fields:  + map code e.g., ‘L05’ or ‘R05’ = ‘L or R’ for love or rayleigh respectively, and 05 for period
    + phasevel = 3-D map. The last dimension is for the 3 individual cases tried in Olugboji et al., 2017
    + stdev = same as above but for the 1-sigma standard deviation.
    + lonG and latG = longitude and latitude coordinations on a 2-D grid
  • PathSrcRecvLocs.MAT: Source receiver end points used in paths for all 22 maps

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2. Crustal Structure of Pacific Ocean Islands

(Olugboji & Park ’16, in press)

1. Multi-layered crustal structure – thickness, isotropic velocity structure and total crustal crustal thickness <excel spreadsheet>

2. Strike direction of a tilted symmetry axis in the under-plated layer, down-dip direction (at migration depth) of a dipping interface, absolute plate motion and station locations <excel spreadsheet>.

 3. The lithosphere Asthenosphere Transition in Normal Oceans


(Olugboji et al. ’16, Gcubed , accepted in press)

Mapping the age dependence in the depth and sharpness of a low velocity discontinuity in the normal oceans (station coverage courtesy eri-tokyo):

  • Philippine Sea
  • Shikoku and Parece-Vela basin and
  • North west pacific.

 4. Regionalization of the US Crust

Coming soon (in prep)

 5. Seismological Model of the US Crust with Uncertainties

Coming soon (in prep)

 6. Ellipticity measurements across the USArray

Coming soon (in prep)

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