Yuri Tamama
IRIS Intern '21 (Senior @Princeton)

Yuri is a rising senior at Princeton University, studying seismology and solid earth geophysics. This summer, she will be using Bayesian inversion to construct a tomographic phase velocity map of Africa. She intends to pursue a Ph.D. in geophysics following graduation.

Owyn Colwell
IRIS Intern '21 (Senior at Beloit)

Owyn is a junior studying physics at Beloit College. This summer, he will be building a data-quality catalog for seismic stations around the continent of Africa using machine learning.

Zhijie Ji
Data Scientist (MSc. UofR)

Zhijie is an experienced data scientist working on performance optimization of a variety of data processing workflows in the group. Projects include machine learning for signal detection in noisy seismic coda and massively parallel data download and waveform processing on the HPC Bluehive machine. 

Yingping Lu
RA '19 (MSc.); AmericanExpress

Yingping was our first graduate student. She worked on implementing Deep Learning Methods in Earthquake Seismology. She is now working with American Express as a data science expert. She loves swimming, playing the guitar, and enjoys great Korean food.

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Liam Moser
Intern, 19; PhD @ MIT
Liam is a senior at Western Washington University. He is hunting for reverberations buried within large volumes of receiver function traces. He is doing this empirically, using parametric models and phase stacking: X (stacking control), R (wave-speed ratio) & Vp (compressional velocity). Project details below.
Trey Brink
Intern, 19; PhD @ UCDavis
Trey is a senior at the University of Minnesota, with research experience in Geodynamics. He is investigating mid-lithospheric discontinuities in south-eastern North America using a novel stacking approach of harmonic decomposition of body wave receiver functions. Project details below.
Derrick Murekezi
2018 (BSc.); PhD at GTech
Derrick Murekezi completed his degree from the University of Rochester majoring in Geology. He conducted a senior thesis exploring back arc-geophysics of the Andes mountains region studying igneous thermobarometric properties of the xenoliths collected in the region. He was supervised by Drs. Olugboji and Ibanez-Mejia. He is now completing his Ph.D. at Georgia Tech
James Pippin
Intern, 18; MSC @ PennState

James is now a senior at Pennsylvania State University. His internship experiences include the Texas Advanced Computing Center, LiDar, Africa Array REU, applied geophysics in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is completing a senior thesis looking at seismic anisotropy underneath the longest-lived cratons in Northern America

Liam Shaughnessy
Intern (Summer 2016)
Liam is a sophomore at the University of Maryland; He is a physics major interested in both seismology and planetary geology. Liam is continuing Julie's work on Rayleigh wave ellipticity measurements across the entire EarthScope USArray. He is compiling a complete data set of earthquake waveforms while using synthetic waveforms to investigate sources of uncertainties in the measurement.
Julie Schnurr
Intern (Summer 2015)
Julie worked with me over the summer of 2015. We worked on supplementing ambient noise measurements of ZH ellipticity with those from earthquake data and at longer periods, which provide unique information on lithospheric density. She presented her work at 2015, AGU (Schnurr et al., 2015). She is now a graduate student at the University of Hawaii
Brian Filipiak
BSc. ('20); PhD @ UAlbany
Brian worked on an independent study project looking at defining extreme precipitation rates in Rochester, NY. He is also going to develop a database of extreme precipitation rates for Rochester going back to the 1950s.He is continuing on to work on a PhD at ...
Ayla Martinelli
Project Support
Ayla joined the group in Fall 2020 as a project assistant. She worked with Dr. O to ensure the new seismic network in West Africa runs smoothly.
Faner Lin
RA '20; MS@CarnegieMellon
Faner majored in data science and financial economics, with a minor in mathematics at the University of Rochester. She joined the lab in Spring 2020 and worked on detecting low-magnitude seismicity using machine learning and deep learning methods.

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