Tolulope Olugboji
Assistant Professor (Group Lead)

Dr. Olugboji leads the URSeismology lab and teaches graduate & undergraduate courses at the UofR.  In addition to teaching and research, he promotes earth science education through public outreach lectures and invited talks, which he gives across the country and around the world: CV Download_CV

Ziqi Zhang
PhD Candidate ('19)

Ziqi holds BS and MS degrees in Geophysics from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and China Earthquake Administration (CEA) respectively. During his Ph.D. at URSeismo, Ziqi's work focuses on developing new techniques to improve body wave imaging in some of the harshest environments on Earth, including oceans, sediments, and glaciers.

Steve Carr
PhD Candidate ('21)

Steve Carr holds a Master's degree from Bowling Green University, where studied crustal stress changes along border faults caused by hydrological loading. He is now working on the seismic imaging of global mantle discontinuities.

Jean-Joel Legre
PhD Candidate ('21)

Joel received his BSc in Geophysics from the University of Oklahoma, with research experience in seismic anisotropy and surface wave inversion. Joel is interested in geophysical modeling & subsurface imaging.

Baowei Liu
Computational Scientist
Baowei is a senior scientific programmer at Rochester (since 2012). He manages our computational infrastructure and supports the computing needs of the group's members. Baowei has experience in Physics and Simulations, High-Performance Computing, Data Analysis, and Visualization.
Canberk Ekmekci

Canberk is a Ph.D. candidate in the Signal, Data, and Imaging Sciences (SDIS) Lab with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester. He is working on improving earth imaging with machine learning.

Sayan Swar
Research Assistant

Sayan graduated with Master's Data Science on December 2023 from the University of Rochester. He started working with us in February 2023 as a graduate student research assistant. After a brief summer break he came back in lab in August 23 and since then working closely with the lab in multiple projects. His primary project includes Global Earth Imaging, Body Wave Sequencing, Deep Learning Tomography and various other side projects.

Yicheng Shi
RA (Summer 24)

Yicheng (Justin) Shi is a junior majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester. He is deeply interested in Computer Engineering and Machine Learning, with research experience in GPU and FPGA structures and applications, as well as in Spatial and Temporal Graphical Neural Networks for Time Series Prediction.

Helen Jackson
RA (Summer 24)

Helen Jackson is a current sophomore at the University of Rochester pursuing a B.S. in Computational Biology.  She is interested in understanding the connections between computations and the world around her.

Krishna Saimahith Yemmanuru
RA (Summer 24)

Krishna is currently pursuing his MS in Computer Science. His passion revolves around applying Artificial Intelligence to solve interesting problems. 

Qike (Lucia) Jiang
RA (Summer 24)

Qike is an undergraduate studying data science and economics at the University of Rochester. She has a keen interest in data visualization and probability.

Meng Wang
RA (Summer 24)

Meng is currently pursuing a MS degree in Computer Science. His interest lies in computer vision and applying Machine Learning in earth imaging problems.

Shreyantan Chanda
RA (Summer 24)

Shreyantan is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Statistics! He is interested to learn how full scale research is conducted and looks forward to contribute/learn as much as he can.

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