It gives us great pleasure to announce that Dr. Olugboji will be joining distinguished cohorts as a 2017-2019 NEF fellow. This honor holds a special place amongst other accomplishments because it will provide a special platform to stay engaged with, and give back to, the community, people, and institutions that educated, nurtured and shaped Dr. Olugboji in his formative years. As one of this year’s distinguished NEF fellows, he is passionate about engaging the next generation of African scientists and scholars. In Dr. Olugboji’s words, “I am African. I have lived in Africa. Now, I hope to use my story, my experiences and my unique vantage point to contribute to shaping Africa’s new future”. Here is a sneak preview at a video interview conducted at the NEF office in Rwanda last week, where Dr. Olugboji discusses some of His research goals for Africa.

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Dr. Olugboji Joins NEF Fellows [2017/2019]

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