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Earth and Environmental Sciences Departmental Goals

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Taking Part in a First-of-its-kind Study

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Studying Earth Structure, Formation, Climate, and Dynamics

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Exploring Global Environmental Issues

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Leading Faculty and Researchers

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Majors & Minors

Choose from geology, environmental science, environmental studies, and geomechanics.

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Graduate Studies

A variety of research choices allows students to specialize in one area, or explore a vast array of interdisciplinary studies.

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We specialize in geochemistry, environmental sciences, palaeomagnetism, geodynamics, geological structure and tectonics.

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Gautam Mitra, center, with colleagues, former and present students at this year's meeting in Phoenix, Arizona

Feature Story

Gautam Mitra receives Career Contribution Award

Gautam Mitra, Professor of Geology and current Graduate Studies Director of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, was presented the “Geology and Tectonics Career Contribution Award” at this year's Geological Society of America 2019 Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

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top ranking by Thomson Scientific’s Essential Science Indicators

150department papers

cited 2,500 times in a recent 10-year period

Alternative Energy

Combining researchers and resources, the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) works to improve energy systems and to understand the impacts of energy technologies on the environment and human health.

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