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Graduate Students


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Cheng, Hsin-Yun

    Interests: contemporary art in East Asia; new media art; post-colonialism; philosophy of technology

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    Fleming, Bridget

      Interests: Post-war & contemporary art; performance; spectatorship; philosophy of art; critical theory; gender; post-war aesthetics & politics in Southern Italy

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      Genevro, Danielle

        Interests: 1930s-40s US cinema; narrative, fantasy and trauma; Freud; Lacan; psychoanalytic and feminist film theory

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        Keeton, Jamey

          Interests: animation; comics studies; critical theory; digital humanities; film and television; popular culture; media studies

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          Segu Jensen, Catalina

            Interests: digital media studies; critical theory and technology ; space and spatiality; globalization; capitalism; contemporary art

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            Amadou, Ouma

              Interests: film and media studies; (post)colonialism; critical race theory; psychoanalysis; water and landscapes

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              Karakaya, Elif

                Interests: Modern and Contemporary Art; Aesthetics/Philosophy of Art; 20th century French Theory; Word-image Studies; Art Historiography; Museum Studies; Ethics of curation

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                Keye, Wade

                  Interests: Critical Study of New Media; Surveillance Studies; Online Memorial Culture; Memes

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                  Sancto, Christian

                    Interests: Modern and contemporary art; Sound and moving images; Performance studies; Gender and sexuality; Aesthetics and critical theory

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                    Taormina, Victoria

                      Interests: Gender and sexuality; Performance art; Latinx studies; Critical race theory

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                      DeBoer, Kendall

                        Interests: Surrealisms; Self-taught art; Folk art; Outliers; Artifice; Ornamentation; Decoration; Craft studies; Fiber art; Unconventional materials; Excess; Adornment; Theatricality; Gender

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                        Ely, Taryn

                          Interests: Experimental film and media; medical anthropology; histories of psychology; disability studies; critical theories of the self

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                          Nasirov, Yasin

                            Interests: Film and Philosophy; Russian Cinema; Adaptation Studies; Experimental Film; Kubrick

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                            Ullrich, Madeline

                              Interests: gender and sexuality; queer theory; feminism(s); film and media studies; television studies; sound studies

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                              Fong, Byron

                                Interests: Games Studies; Film Theory; Digital Humanities; Animation

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                                Ju, Xiao (Amanda)

                                  Interests: Chinese contemporary art; Feminisms; Postsocialist art; Psychoanalysis

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                                  Menzies, Tristan

                                    Interests: History of Photography; Japanese Photography and Modernism; Marxism

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                                    Prince, Alisa

                                      Interests: History of Photography; Black Feminism; Domestic Archives (familial and personal photographic collections); Critical Race Theory; Studio Art (photography & printmaking); Afrofuturism; Black Cultural Capital & Representation; Constructions of Identity

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                                      Auclair, Clara

                                        Interests: Early cinema/Early French cinema; Film archiving; Film history, theory, and aesthetics; Film and anthropology; Heritage, identity, and memory; Historiography; Museum and archival movements

                                        Mimi Cheng

                                        Cheng, Mimi


                                          Interests: Global architectural history; European imperialism; orientalism; spatial politics; architectural theory; pattern and ornament

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                                          Murphy, Peter

                                            Interests: Modern and Contemporary Painting; Queer theory; Psychoanalysis

                                            Julia Tulke

                                            Tulke, Julia


                                              Interests: Street art and graffiti as political practice; Urban space, Right to the City, Politics of everyday life in the city; Social movements and protest; Performative and visual activism; Economic crisis and austerity; Affect theory ; Visual ethnography; Photography as research method; Critical cartography and mapping

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                                              Dent, Jerome


                                                Interests: Critical Theory; Critical Race Theory; Gender Studies and Queer Theory; Afrofuturism; Black Feminism; Film Studies; Pop Culture and Fan Culture

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                                                Escobar Lopez, Almudena


                                                  Interests: Experimental film, video and time-based media production; Cooperativism and collectivism; Community media; Film and media archival studies; Politics of image making ; Curatorial studies; Gender studies and feminism

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                                                  Alicia Chester

                                                  Chester, Alicia


                                                    Interests: Photography history and theory; history of psychiatric portraiture and brain imaging; trauma and memory studies; media archaeology; vernacular photographic practices and technologies; atomic-age culture; modern and contemporary art

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                                                    DiGiulio, Lauren

                                                      Interests: Modern and Contemporary art; performance; phenomenology of language; concrete poetry; symbolism; interiority

                                                      Jingtao (Harry) Gu

                                                      Gu, Jiangtao (Harry)


                                                        Interests: Chinese visual culture; Transnational history of photography; European imperialism, colonial modernity; Historiography, temporal and spatial politics; Identity-formation, state-formation; Liberal arts pedagogy, digital humanities

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                                                        Sullivan, Patrick

                                                          Interests: Film philosophy; globalization; cinematic representation of space and time; Thai cinema; early cinema; film sound

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                                                          Tara Najd Ahmadi

                                                          Ahmadi, Tara Najd


                                                            Interests: Modern and contemporary art with emphasis on Iran and Middle East; Independent and avant-garde cinema, film production; Art market, consumption, labor; Gender studies, feminism; Puppets

                                                            Joel Neville Anderson

                                                            Anderson, Joel Neville


                                                              Interests: Experimental film and video; personal documentary; community media; film festival studies; Japanese cinema and visual culture

                                                              Eitan Freedenberg

                                                              Freedenberg, Eitan

                                                                Interests: critical geography; vernacular architecture; heritage production; postmodern tourisms; open-air museums; precursors to virtual reality

                                                                Victoria Gao

                                                                Gao, Victoria

                                                                  Interests: Twentieth century American and French street photography; naturalism and realism in narrative film; issues of privacy and candidness; urban spectatorship; intersections between film and photography

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                                                                  Stuber, Tracy

                                                                    Interests: modern and contemporary art; critical theory; media theory; historiography; photography between the artistic and the vernacular; haptics and phenomenology; rocks

                                                                    Stephanie Alana Wolf

                                                                    Wolf, S. Alana

                                                                      Interests: Modern and Contemporary art; Data auralization, sonification, and sound studies; Architecture and urbanization; Representations of space and sound; Public art; Memory and materiality; Media theory and digital humanities

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                                                                      Hend Alawadhi

                                                                      Alawadhi, Hend

                                                                        Interests: Critical race theory; (Documentary) film studies; Disability studies; Transnational feminism; Women’s health; Representations of illness and disability in Arab media; Archival memory; Popular culture and social activism

                                                                        Kelly Long

                                                                        Long, Kelly

                                                                          Interests: Contemporary art and critical theory; identity politics; space and memory; dialectical utopianism; artist books

                                                                          Christopher Patrello

                                                                          Patrello, Christopher

                                                                            Interests: Native American art history; material culture and materiality; consumption; museum studies

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