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Tara Najd Ahmadi

Ahmadi, Tara Najd


Interests: Modern and contemporary art with emphasis on Iran and Middle East; Independent and avant-garde cinema, film production; Art market, consumption, labor; Gender studies, feminism; Puppets

Joel Neville Anderson

Anderson, Joel Neville


Interests: Experimental film and video; personal documentary; community media; film festival studies; Japanese cinema and visual culture

Eitan Freedenberg

Freedenberg, Eitan

Interests: critical geography; vernacular architecture; heritage production; postmodern tourisms; open-air museums; precursors to virtual reality

Stephanie Alana Wolf

Wolf, S. Alana

Interests: Modern and Contemporary art; Data auralization, sonification, and sound studies; Architecture and urbanization; Representations of space and sound; Public art; Memory and materiality; Media theory and digital humanities

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Hend Alawadhi

Alawadhi, Hend

Interests: Critical race theory; (Documentary) film studies; Disability studies; Transnational feminism; Women’s health; Representations of illness and disability in Arab media; Archival memory; Popular culture and social activism

Kelly Long

Long, Kelly

Interests: Contemporary art and critical theory; identity politics; space and memory; dialectical utopianism; artist books

Christopher Patrello

Patrello, Christopher

Interests: Native American art history; material culture and materiality; consumption; museum studies

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