2018-2019 Season

Poster for the production


March 22–23, 2019


From actors to naval commanding officers to billion-dollar business entrepreneurs, theatre at the UR has produced extraordinary alumni who have made their mark over a diverse and fascinating range of fields.  We’re bringing 10 of them back to campus for a weekend of talks, masterclasses, panels, conversations and presentations. So, explore the physicality of special effects motion capture with Noshir Dalal (Call of Duty: Black Ops III); hear about hip-hop branding, designing book covers, and envisioning interactive sales locations for Microsoft from design and marketing guru, John Fulbrook III; find out what it takes to produce new media news at BuzzFeed News, or take command of a naval warship for the first time, or perform in a hit musical in London’s West End…and more.  It’s all FREE and coming to Todd in ToddX, March 22-23!

Registration is now closed, but all events are still open and available to the public (the motion capture workshop can be observed, but participation is full; events that include food may not be able to provide meals to the un-registered).



Please note: We recommend registering for events with food (food is not guaranteed without registration); registration for certain masterclasses/workshops is required.  REGISTER HERE!

Download a full schedule of events here.  Get a poster here.

Friday, March 22

  • Panel Discussion | 8-9.20pm | Todd Theatre

with US Navy commanding officer, Cdr. Jean Marie Sullivan; actor Andrew Polec (Bat out of Hell The Musical); Broadway & TV costumer Alex Rozansky (The Band’s Visit and Late Night with Seth Meyers); BuzzFeed News executive producer, Patrick McMenamin; and automated lighting programmer, Jeff EnglanderModerated by Nigel Maister (Artistic Director, UR International Theatre Program)

  • Champagne Reception | 9.30pm-10.30pm | Todd Theatre Lobby

Mingle, network, and enjoy the company of all ToddX participants!


Saturday, March 23

  • Working in New Media News | 9am-10.50am | Todd Theatre Lobby

Have breakfast with BuzzFeed News Executive Producer, Patrick McMenamin, and find out the ins and outs of working in new media news.  Free breakfast served 9am-9.20am *pre-registration recommended, register HERE!

  • The Joys & Mysteries of Working with Automated Moving Lights 9am-11.20am | Todd Theatre

Discover the possibilities of, and explore how to work with automated moving lighting fixtures with expert, Jeff Englander (Broadway, NY Fashion Week).  Free breakfast served 9-9.20am *pre-registration recommended, register HERE!

  • Motion Capture Workshop* | 10am-1pm | Spurrier Dance Studio

Explore motion capture movement training with actor, stuntman & mo-cap specialist, Noshir Dalal (Spider Man PS4, Call of Duty: Black Ops III). *pre-registration required, register HERE!

  • Design Thinking, Branding, and 360° Marketing in an Age of Experiences | 11.30am-12.45pm | Todd Theatre

Designer and multi-platform branding expert, John Fulbrook III, talks about creating a successful career in advertising from designing book jackets to hip hop branding, and more.

  • Backstage on Broadway and Beyond | 12.45pm-2.15pm | Todd Theatre Lobby

Enjoy a free lunch conversation with Broadway and television costume & wardrobe expert, Alex Rozansky (The Band’s Visit; Late Night with Seth Meyers) and emerging theatre oproducer, arts manager, and artistic director, Becca Weiss (Spicy Witch productions; Symphone Space, NYC) *pre-registration recommended, register HERE!

  • The Young Actor’s Life | 2.30pm-3.45pm | Todd Theatre

What’s it like to earn a living and start out as an actor in NYC or LA?  And what’s it like to get your big break and star in a hit musical, or to create your own celebrated one-woman show?  Join the discussion with Andrew Polec (Bat out of Hell The Musical) and Liz Femi (Netflix’s Love;Parks and Recreation;Ratched).

  • Women at the Helm: How to Take Command of a Modern Naval Warship | 3.15pm-4.30pm | Todd Theatre Lobby

US Navy commanding officer, Cdr. Jean Marie Sullivan (USS Whidbey Island) shares her experience of being a woman in the armed forces, and her career journey from NROTC to taking command of a US Navy dock landing ship (the “Workhorse of the Navy”).

  • Making and Selling a Billion Dollar Business | 4pm-5.30pm | Todd Theatre

What’s it like to build a business and then sell it big?  Businessman and entrepreneur, Mark Perlberg talks about his experience of growing a business and selling it for $1.2B.

  • Panel Discussion | 8-9.20pm | Todd Theatre

with business entrepreneur, Mark Perlberg; actors Liz Femi and Noshir Dalal; artistic director and producer, Becca Weiss; and marketing savant, John Fulbrook IIIModerated by Nigel Maister (Artistic Director, UR International Theatre Program

  • Dessert Reception | 9.30pm-10.30pm | Todd Theatre Lobby

Mingle, network, and enjoy the company of all ToddX participants!