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An empty hospital bed in a hospital room.

"Terminal 3"

Two couples. Separated by 20 years. One waiting room. Bookended by life's milestones of birth and death, a man and a woman confront the ghosts of their past and the delicate reconciliation that a future might potentially hold. An extraordinarily intimate, subtle, and moving exploration of the ties that bind and those that rend asunder, Terminal 3 by Lars Norén (Sweden's preeminent contemporary dramatist) is both richly indebted to Beckett, Pinter, and, indeed, Albee, while charting an aesthetic course all of Norén’s own. Both an ode and a requiem, this delicate work about memory and loss moves the online theatrical explorations of the UR International Theatre Program forward and into new territory. Neither play nor movie, the production straddles the hybridity of this particular cultural moment in new and exciting ways.

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The Government Inspector

In a town as corrupt and self-dealing as the Trump Administration, word has it that an undercover government inspector has arrived to report on the town's activities to the Powers-That-Be. But has he? And who is the person whose recent arrival has got the townspeople up in arms? Is he who he says he is? Will he unmask the corrupt town officials and expose the underbelly of the community? Or can he be won over by gifts and bribes and, if it comes to it, love?

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