Lawrence Rothenberg

Lawrence Rothenberg

Corrigan-Minehan Professor of Political Science
Director of the W. Allen Wallis Institute of Political Economy

Office Hours:

T 10:00-11:00am
Th 10:00-11:00am


PhD, Stanford, 1986. American politics, political economy, environmental politics, and public policy. Director of the W. Allen Wallis Institute of Political Economy. Previously, Director of the Ford Center on Global Citizenship and the Max McGraw Distinguished Professor of Management & the Environment, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Current research focuses on environmental and public policy, interbranch bargaining, interest groups, judicial and regulatory decision-making, legislative politics, presidential authority, and political appointments. Along with numerous journal publications, books include Policy Success in an Age of Gridlock: How the Toxic Substances Control Act was Finally Reformed (Cambridge, 2018),The Enigma of Presidential Power (Cambridge, 2017; with Fang-Yi Chiou), Environmental Choices: Policy Responses to Green Demands (CQ, 2002), Why Government Succeeds and Why it Fails (Harvard, 2001; with Amihai Glazer); Regulation, Organizations, and Politics: Motor Freight Policy at the Interstate Commerce Commission (Michigan, 1994), and Linking Citizens to Government: Interest Group Politics at Common Cause (Cambridge, 1992). Teaches courses on American political institutions, bureaucratic politics, environmental management and policy, and interest groups.

Courses taught:
  • PSCI 209 Interest Groups in America
  • PSCI 243 Environmental Politics
  • PSCI 247 Green Markets: Environmental Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • PSCI 447 Green Markets: Environmental Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • PSCI 513 Interest Groups
  • PSCI 535 Bureaucratic Politics
  • PSCI 540 American Political Institutions
  • PSCI 576 Graduate Research Seminar