2022-23 PhD Placements

Below are job market placements of new and recent Rochester PhDs who have accepted offers in 2022-23.  As official offers are generated and accepted, we will add further placements in the near future.

2022-23 Placements of New and Recent PhDs
NamePositionCurrent Status
Alesio AlbarelloPrinceton, post-doc (2023-24) and National University of Singapore, tenure track (2024-)PhD candidate
Zuheir DesaiOhio State, political science, tenure trackPhD 2020, asst. prof., IE University (Madrid)
Olga GasparyanFlorida State, political science, tenure trackPhD 2020, post-doc, Hertie School (Berlin)
Peng (Fred) GuiUniversity of Virginia and Vanderbilt University, Center for Effective Lawmaking, post-docPhD candidate
Varun Karekurve-RamachandraUniversity of Southern California, tenure trackPhD 2022, post-doc, Stanford University
Christy QiuWashington University, political science, tenure trackPhD 2021, asst. prof., IE University (Madrid)
Amna SalamVanderbilt University, post-docPhD candidate
Maria SilfaOhio State, political science, tenure trackPhD 2022, post-doc, Princeton