Hire a Rochester PhD


The following PhD candidates and recent Rochester PhDs are on the job market this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact this year's placement director, David Primo.

Rochester Students on the Job Market
Fred GuiAmerican Politicspgui@ur.rochester.edu 
Agabek KabdullinComparative Politicsakabdull@ur.rochester.edu 
Jihye (Jacqueline) ParkIR (IPE/CPE), Methodsjihye.park@rochester.edu 
Amna SalamAmerican Politics, Formal Theoryasalam3@ur.rochester.edu 
Hongyi SheIPE, CPE, Public Opinion, Methodshshe@ur.rochester.edu 
Marton SzaboInternational Relations, Formal Theoryszmartonbence@gmail.com