Published Books (2017-present)

Alexander Lee, with Avidit Acharya (forthcoming) The Cartel System of States: An Economic Theory of International Politics, New York: Oxford University Press

James Johnson, with Susan Orr (2020) Should Secret Voting Be Mandatory? (Political Theory Today Series) Cambridge, UK: Polity

Alexander Lee (2020) From Hierarchy to Ethnicity: the Politics of Caste in 20th century India, Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press

David Primo, with Jeffrey Milyo (2020) Campaign Finance and American Democracy:  What the Public Really Thinks and Why It Matters, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Joel Seligman (2020) Misalignment:  The New Financial Order and the Failure of Financial Regulation, Wolters Kluwer

Alexander Lee (2019) Development in Multiple Dimensions: Social Power and Regional Policy in India, Ann Arbor:  University of Michigan Press

Bing Powell (2019) Ideological Congruence: Achieved and Astray. Elections, Institutions and the Breakdown of Ideological Congruence in Parliamentary Democracies, Cambridge University Press

Larry Rothenberg (2018) Policy Success in an Age of Gridlock: How the Toxic Substances Control Act was Finally Reformed, Cambridge University Press (Elements Series)

Gretchen Helmke (2017) Institutions on the Edge:  Inter-Branch Crises in Latin America, Cambridge University Press

Bethany Lacina (2017) Rival Claims: Ethnic Violence and Territorial Autonomy under Indian Federalism, University of Michigan Press

Larry Rothenberg, with Fang-Yi Chiou (2017) The Enigma of Presidential Power: Parties, Policies and Strategic Uses of Unilateral Action, Cambridge University Press