Research and Internship Opportunities

Philosophy research is largely an individual matter, informed by discussion with other philosophers, which is an important part of the development of philosophical ideas. Undergraduates have several opportunities to pursue their own research through:


Supervised Research

Undergraduate Research (PHIL 395): Students with a concentration or minor in philosophy may pursue a one-on-one guided research project under the direction of a full-time faculty sponsor in the Department of Philosophy.  Students begin with a paper they have written for another course and seek out a sponsor with relevant expertise.  They devote the term to developing the paper through guided research, analysis, and refinement of the paper’s thesis and argument, and present the paper to the Philosophy Council.  Submission for publication in an undergraduate philosophy journal and conference presentation is also encouraged. Prerequisites: a minimum of two previous philosophy classes at the 200-level.

Honors Thesis: Students who have at least a 3.7 GPA in a philosophy major and show promise of being able to complete an honors thesis are eligible to pursue a degree with honors. Honors in philosophy will be awarded to graduating concentrators who, after consulting with the undergraduate adviser and securing a thesis adviser, complete:

  • Four credit hours of PHIL 396: Honors Tutorial
  • Four credit hours of an PHIL 399: Honors Thesis, including passing an oral examination
  • Four credit hours of a graduate seminar in philosophy or an undergraduate seminar approved for honors credit (This seminar can count as one of the ten courses required for the major)

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Undergraduate Philosophy Council

The Undergraduate Philosophy Council is an organization that seeks to foster interest in philosophy among undergraduates. The council is a great place for students to present their own ideas to other students and engage in lively discussion.

The council meets most Friday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in the philosophy department lounge (Lattimore Hall, room 501). For more information view the Undergraduate Philosophy Council page.

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Undergraduate Conferences and Journals

Students are also encouraged to submit their work to present at one of the undergraduate conferences or to one of the undergraduate journals of philosophy.

Undergraduate Philosophy Journals

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While interning in a professional field like law, government, public interest NGOs, or education, students may be required to do related academic research. For more information about finding an internship visit the career center.

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