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Graduate Program

Financial Aid & Fellowships

Support of doctoral students in the Department of Philosophy takes the form of tuition grants, fellowships and assistantships. University stipends for entering students are currently $21,000 per year, however there are various special fellowships (Sproull, Provost’s, and Slattery) that carry higher stipends (up to $28,000 per year).

Support usually continues through five years of graduate work. All awards are in the form of fellowships, with no teaching duties during the first year of graduate work. Service as a teaching assistant or instructor is required in subsequent years.

Sproull Fellowships

Outstanding philosophy graduate applicants are nominated to a University-wide competition for Sproull Fellowships. These fellowships substantially increase the annual stipend for philosophy students to whom they are awarded.

Ball Dissertations Fellowships

Humanities and social science students who are about to write doctoral dissertations may be nominated for Ball Dissertation Fellowships. These fellowships support dissertation research for one year.